History of French speaking people in Wisconsin

  • Bibliography of Resources for the Study of French and Francophone Presence in Wisconsin
  • Congressional Commemoration of La Salle and Nicolet in Library.
  • History of Walloon-Belgian settlement in Wisconsin
  • Possible discovery of An encampment site of Nicholas Perrot along the Mississippi River. A Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article.
  • Interview (1888) with Andrew Vieau, Sr., son of Jacques Vieau.
  • Interview (1900) with Peter Vieau, younger son of Jacques Vieau.
  • License dated 1816 to Jacques Vieau, Sr., one of Wisconsin's European fathers, to trade goods in the region.
  • A 1935 article on French Island, an old French settlement in the Black River, La Crosse.
  • "Sur les traces de la présence française; L'Amérique comme vous ne l'aviez jamais vue" de M. Charles BALESI.
  • Summary of The Paths of Kateri's Kin, a recent book on American Indian Catholics in North America.
  • Père Marquette and the religious Legacy of the French in Wisconsin
  • A Footnote on the French Language in the Old Northwest by Robert L. Hall.
  • The Larose (Deguire) Family in Old Green Bay by Robert L. Hall.
  • Solomon Juneau was founder of the city of Milwaukee and the village of Theresa, Wisconsin. This brochure was written by the Theresa Historical Society.
  • Frontier Valentines: Josette and Solomon Juneau, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
  • The life of Père Marquette and his influence on Wisconsin and the Midwest, in images and words of L'Union de Laon, France, Marquette's native city.
  • Père Marquette discovers the Mississippi; materials from an exhibit in Laon, France, Marquette's native city.
  • The Lost Dauphin, opera libretto based on the story of Eleazer Williams. Composer and librettist, Wisconsin Resident, Gordon Parmentier.
  • French Settlement in Montrose, Belleville and French Town, Wisconsin
  • Jean Nicolet, dressed in Chinese Robes, lands near present-day Green Bay
  • Le Wisconsin Français , discours présenté à l'Alliance Française de Milwaukee par Mme Elisabeth Gaenslen en 1970.
  • Two articles from The Capital Times (1945, 1962) on French settlement in Dane County.
  • The francophone Christian (Old) Catholic Church in Wisconsin and Illinois. René Vilatte and the Belgian settlers of Wisconsin. See also Shepherd or Wolf? Joseph René Vilatte in Francophone Wisconsin. Old Catholicism among the Belgian settlers in Northeast Wisconsin. A senior distinction in the major research paper by Leah Kemp, University of Wisconsin--Green Bay.

On-line articles

  • Jean Nicolet by Jerrold Rodesch, Voyageur, Spring 1984
  • Origins of the French and English names for the Bay of Green Bay by Clifford Kraft, Voyageur, Spring, 1984.
  • With Alexis de Tocqueville in Green Bay by Jerrold Rodesch, Voyageur, Summer, 1986.
  • Mapping of the Great Lakes in the Seventeenth Century, by Mark Steuer, Voyageur, Spring, 1984.
  • Jacques Vieau, Son of Montreal and a Father of European Wisconsin-- Another perspective on the French and Native Peoples, article by John Boatman
  • French-Indian Intermarriage and the Creation of Métis Society by Patrick Jung, Marquette University.
  • The Founders of Green Bay: A Marriage of Indian and White by Jacqueline Peterson, Voyageur, Spring, 1984. [traduction française]:Les Fondateurs de Green Bay: histoire de mariages entre Indiens et Blancs.
  • A Loose and Disorderly people: British Views of the French Canadians of the Upper Great Lakes, 1760-1774 by Kerry Trask, Voyageur, Vol. 5, No. 2, Winter, 1988/89.
  • Eleazer Williams, Mohawk Between Two Worlds,by Robert T. Hall.
  • Jean Nicolet, Interpreter and Voyageur in Canada. 1618-1642. Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1888.
  • Sieur Charles de Langlade, Lost Cause, Lost Culture" by Sandra Zipperer, Voyageur Magazine, Winter/Spring 1999.
  • French Entrepreneurship in the Post Colonial Fur Trade by Pierre Lebeau.


  • 16th, 17th and 18th Century Maps of North America and the Great Lakes
  • Early maps of Green Bay and Prairie du Chien by Patrick Jung.

Wisconsin information

  • French Connections: Ties to France, Belgium and Canada celebrated on Internet website
  • Reflections on the early history of Flambeau
  • Wisconsin Internet sites
  • A Medieval French Chapel has been reconstructed on the grounds of Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Pictorial of Solomon Juneau, founder and first mayor of Milwaukee
  • Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, Death Notice for Solomon Juneau Tuesday, November 18, 1856.
  • Every July, Milwaukee hosts an impressive "Bastille Days" Celebration of French Culture.
  • The Legend of Louis Durand. A member of the Durand family tells the story of his 17th century voyageur ancestor. See also related article regarding Durand and Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac
  • French Wisconsin Historical Sites
  • The De Pere History Walk is a memorial to explorers, missionaries and native people (1634-1734), proposed by internationally-known sculptor Donald Claude Noel.
  • Les paroisses catholiques de langue française en 1930
  • Story of Sydney Bedore, and a well-known statue in Green Bay.
  • Lamartine, Wisconsin and Alphone de Lamartine, French author.
  • archive search of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Type "French" to find, among others, a newspaper article on the name Beloit (just change the French spelling from "ballotte" to "bellotte"), a 1936 article on the French in Wisconsin by noted historian Louise (not Louis as in the article) Phelps Kellogg, and the story of French politician Georges Clemenceau's marriage to Mary Plummer of Durand, Wisconsin.

Related Historical Information

  • Web Sites for French and Francophone History in North America

Student Projects

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