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What you can do with this minor

The Women and Gender Studies minor prepares students for many different employment opportunities and for professional and graduate education in a variety of disciplines. Understanding the importance of gender in society helps individuals have successful careers and lives to promote social justice and gender equity. The Women and Gender Studies minor does not prepare students for one job, but for many different kinds of employment. Women and Gender Studies courses train students in writing and analytical thinking. The Women and Gender Studies minor is a great compliment to a student’s major when they may anticipate working with groups of women or issues related to gender in their career.  Potential careers include:

  • Women's Health Educator
  • Domestic Violence Prevention Educator
  • Sexual Assault Services Coordinator
  • Lawyer
  • Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Sociologist
  • Public Administrator
  • Therapist/counselor
  • Nurse/Physician
  • Consultant in Industry
  • Personnel Firms
  • State/Federal Government
  • Professor/Teacher
  • Writer/Author/Journalist
  • Senator/Governor/President

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