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The Power of Women Coming Together

As a women's leadership development Institute, we believe in the power of women coming together and working together to create change.

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Financial Fitness

Members: Included
Non-Members: $29
Self-Paced Online

Our mission is to empower women to advance personally and professionally at all stages of development with a focus on education, inspiration and connection. With those priorities in mind, we have developed a financial education program to help women achieve their personal financial goals and safeguard their future. Women have unique financial needs relative to their male counterparts. Despite the obstacles presented by gender inequality, experts agree that there are steps women can take to help ensure their financial security. Three specific actions women can focus on are seeking out equal opportunity employment, prioritizing financial education, and building person credit.Studies have identified specific issues that contribute to long-term financial challenges for women:

  • Women typically earn less over their career lifetime because they hold more jobs in lower paying sectors and tend to take more unpaid leave than men to raise children or care for family members. As a result, women may deplete their funds faster than men.
  • Women live longer than men, so they are more exposed to the risk of outliving their assets.
  • Because of the earning imbalance, women often have less money saved in 401(k), 403(b) or 457 defined contribution accounts and qualify for lower Social Security benefits.

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Create a Culture of Mentoring

Mentoring Certificate Program
October 12, 19 & 26, 2022
Virtual 8:30-10:30 a.m
Fee: $99 Individual Session ($295 for the Certificate)

Mentoring is an often-underestimated professional growth tool, which benefits both the mentor and the mentee by opening up career possibilities. An established mentoring program can add value to the mentor, mentee and organization by maximizing skill development, improving performance and growing potential. UW-Green Bay is now offering a structured mentor training program for area businesses and professionals, along with an additional HR Training: Mentorship Implementation Certificate which will help an organization create or enhance a formal mentorship program. Choose one or both to make sure your Mentorship program is a success.

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Networking Series

We also offer a regular series of networking and learning events, including Stories from Experience and Caffeinated Conversations.

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We have big plans.
If you have any questions about our vision and mission, please contact the Institute for Women's Leadership to learn more about our plans.

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