Bachelor of Fine Arts

Writing and Applied Arts B.F.A.

Major Requirements

Supporting Courses: 18
Arts Entrepreneurship  
Introduction to Creative Writing  
Literary Studies  
Arts in Society (choose one course):
Arts in the Community  
Introduction to Design and Culture  
Introduction to Digital and Public Humanities  
Lower-level Literature (choose one course):
Women in Literature  
Introduction to English Literature I  
Introduction to English Literature II  
Introduction to American Literature I  
Introduction to American Literature II  
World Literatures  
World Literatures II  
Upper-Level Courses: 30-32
Intermediate Creative Writing  
Writing workshops (choose three courses):
Short Fiction Writing Workshop  
Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop  
Creative Nonfiction Writing  
Novel Writing Workshop  
Novel Revision Workshop  
Topics in Creative Writing  
Historical Literary Context (choose one course):
Topics in Publishing  
History of the English Language  
Upper-level Literature (choose two courses): 1
The British Novel  
Major Drama  
Major Poetry  
Topics in Literary Criticism  
Topics in Publishing  
Major American Prose Fiction  
Literary Eras  
American Ethnic Literature  
World Literatures  
History of the English Language  
African American Literature  
Literary Topics  
Major Author(s)  
Publication practicum (choose one):
Sheepshead Review Practicum  
Book Editing Practicum  
Two Internships or community-based learning in Applied Arts area of emphasis:
Community Outreach
Editing and Publishing
Digital and Public Humanities
Total Credits 48-50