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The Wisconsin Shorebird Survey, initially part of the US Geological Survey’s Western Shorebird Survey website, is now a Wisconsin-based website with links to the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative and related websites.

Consistent with the parent USGS website, the Wisconsin Shorebird Survey website includes 12 survey sites (A&W Ponds, Big Eau Plaine Reservoir, Crex Meadows-Phantom Flowage, Horicon Marsh, Ken Euers Nature Area, Long Island-Chequamegon Point, Nine Springs Lagoon, Pestigo Point, Seagull Bar, South Rice Lake-Mead Wildlife Area, Teal Flowage-Mead Wildlife Area, Theresa Wildlife Area). The sites range from managed waterfowl impoundments to naturally occurring stop-over sites known to attract migrating shorebirds seasonally. Each site includes study plots where observers record species and the number observed; these data can be entered later electronically.

It is hoped that shorebird observers will visit one or more of the 12 survey sites to record shorebirds present during spring and fall migration. These data will allow property managers to evaluate shorebird use and relative abundance over time in a consistent and systematic manner.