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Crex Meadows-Phantom Flowage

Site Directions: See page 82 of Wisconsin Atlas and Gazetteer. Access Crex Meadows via CTH’s D and F and by 40 miles of town roads within the property. To reach Phantom Flowage, take CTH F north of Gruntsburg to CTH D; take CTH D 1.5 miles east to Phantom Lake Road; take Phantom Lake Road north about 1 mile to Plot #1. EAch of the plots marked on the map are approximate estimations of locations; look for exposed flats in the general area of each plot.

Site Description: Crex Meadows Wildlife Area is located in western Burnett County, north of Grantsburg. This state-owned wildlife area contains over 30,000 acres of marsh, brush-prairie and forest. Crex has 29 flowages. Every year, two or three flowages are scheduled for drawdowsn. The success fo these drawdowns is greatly influenced by precipitation levels and other factors. In 2002, Phantom Flowage is being drawn down. Phantom Flowage is located on the SW portion of Crex Meadows. Shorebird visibility and site stability is variable depending on water levels, but is generally fair (50-80%) to good (>80%). Allow for 1-2 hours for surveys.

Longitude: -92.5568
Latitude: 45.8427
Stability: Fair
Visibility: Fair

Current Coverage: Volunteers needed.

Sampling Periods: MAY 07 to JUN 07, AUG 01 to SEP 15.

Survey Protocol: Survey areas by foot, look for areas providing shallow water and mudflats. Record all species observed and number at each plot during 1-3 10-minute observation periods. If more than one observation period occurs per plot, indicate each observation period separately. Note on map each plot, if different than those delineated.

Species and Peak Numbers: Hundreds of shorebirds may be observed under optimal conditions; 30+ species, including Whimbrel, American Avocet (rare), Willet, Black-bellied and Golden Plovers, both godwits, Wilson’s Phalarope, Common Snipe, and White-rumped Sandpiper.

Local Contact: Jim Hoefler (715) 463-2896 / hoeflj@dnr.state.wi.us.