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The questions on your exams don't seem like questions you covered in class. Want to use physics examples that allow you to ask questions about the steps? This website is for you! (Note that the pop-up features are not visible with the latest version of Internet Explorer. The website is better viewed in other browsers.)

  • Ask QuestionsAsking Questions

    Every step along the way, you can bring up a FAQ page about the example problem. Or drag your cursor over the places that you have questions.

  • Use it Like Your Book

    Use the site for homework support. You can also use it to supplement examples presented in your book and in class. In either case, make sure to bring up pop-up boxes to understand anything that isn't clear to you.

  • Ask QuestionsUnfamiliar Problems

    Do questions on the exam seem very different from homework problems? In most cases, the questions on the exam are in fact quite similar to the homework. The difficulty arises in recognizing the similarity between problems. In this case, the best thing that you can do is to pay attention to the “Identify” step of each problem. Don’t skip that step when you use an example!

  • Book


Unfamiliar ProblemsThis website is not designed to teach you physics.

It does not stand alone but assumes that you have (or have access to) explanatory and underlying information. Your instructor, your class notes, your text book, and on-line tutorials are all available if you are looking for a source to teach you physics. This site is here to help you put that information into context through the process of working your homework problems.