Tribeta Omega Eta 



Regular Members-

1.  Student must be enrolled full-time and majoring in either:

2.  Student must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average.

3.  Student must successfully complete Principles of Biology 1 & 2.

4.  Student must make a one-time $30 lifetime membership fee.

5.  Student must participate in one Tribeta sponsored activity prior to induction.


Associate Members-

Membership into the Tribeta organization is also offered to individuals that are ineligible for regular membership.  The associate member will also be required to demonstrate a strong interest in the biological sciences.

Graduating Seniors-

1.  Senior members intending to graduate in fall or spring must participate in one Tribeta sponsored activity during their graduation semester and the semester prior to graduation to receive graduation honor cords.  (Of course, you are encouraged to participate as frequently as possible after meeting this requirement.)


National Tribeta Constitution 

Article IV - Membership

Section 1. The membership shall be divided into six classes: regular, associate, graduate, honorary, alumna/ us and corporate. Beta Beta Beta is a non-discriminating organization that does not consider age, race, color, creed, sex, national origin or sexual preference.

Section 2. Regular members shall be:

a) Undergraduate majors in biological science at an institution where a chapter of Beta Beta Beta is located.

b) Shall have completed at least one term of the second year of a four-year curriculum or its equivalent.

c) Shall have completed at least three term courses in biological science, of which at least one is not an introductory course, with an average grade of B or its equivalent in those biology courses.

d) Shall be in good academic standing.

Only regular members may hold the constitutionally specified chapter offices, vote on chapter membership nominations and national questions, and represent the chapter or vote at national conventions.

Section 3. Graduate members shall be either graduate students currently enrolled in a life science at an institution where there is a chapter or faculty members actively serving in the biological sciences. They may participate in the local activities of any chapter except for the holding of constitutionally specified chapter offices and voting on chapter membership and national matters. They may attend district or national conventions, and, upon special designation, represent their original chapter at a national convention. They shall not be eligible for undergraduate awards.

Section 4. Associate members shall be those undergraduates whose interests include the life sciences in some significant way but who are ineligible for regular membership. Associate members shall be eligible to participate in all local, district, and national activities except those specifically reserved to regular members by this constitution.

Section 5. Chapter honorary members may be elected by any chapter in recognition of significant accomplishment as biologists, or of outstanding service to the chapter.

Section 6. Biology majors who have graduated from an institution at which a charter is later granted may become alumni members of the new chapter. Alumni members will receive an individual subscription to BIOS. Regular members who have become inactive may become Alumni members with payment of the appropriate fee.

Section 7. Corporate members shall be corporations, institutions or other organizations which support undergraduate education in the biological sciences. A corporation may be elected to membership by a majority of the National Executive Committee. Corporate members will be listed in each issue of BIOS and each corporate member will receive a membership certificate for display. Each corporate member will also have the privilege of providing a display at the national or district conventions.

Section 8. National honorary members may be elected by the biennial convention on nomination by the national officers. (Any member or chapter may propose prospective nominees.) Such membership shall be reserved for persons of outstanding accomplishment and stature in one or more of the biological sciences or persons rendering outstanding service to Beta Beta Beta.

Section 9. Regular, graduate and honorary members may wear the official insignia and shall remain members for life unless removed under the provisions of Section 11. Associate members are affiliated with the local chapter and may not wear the official insignia. Unless they qualify for regular membership, this affiliation shall terminate automatically when they cease to be undergraduate students.

Section 10. Members shall be nominated to the various categories by a committee that includes both regular members and faculty. Election shall be by at least a majority vote of the regular members present at a regular meeting.

Section 11. A regular member transferring from one institution to another shall be automatically eligible for membership in a chapter in his new institution unless he does not qualify under the normally prescribed requirements of his new chapter.

Section 12. Each chapter or club shall adopt specific membership requirements which are not in conflict with the requirements outlined in Section 2 and which are meaningful in the specific local situation. It is assumed that local chapters and clubs will require high standards of scientific conduct in their nominees and members. No person shall be refused nomination on any basis other than failure to meet requirements in this constitution or in chapter by-laws.

Section 13. A regular member of a chapter may be removed from chapter membership only for cause by a vote of 3/4 of the entire voting membership. Any such removal must be approved by the chapter advisor (counselor) and is subject to appeal to the National Executive Committee.

Section 14. Stated local membership requirements shall be submitted to the chapter advisor and the District Director for approval. In case of disagreement or conflict between local requirements or local action and this constitution, the matter shall be referred to the National President for adjudication subject to final appeal to the National Executive Committee.

Section 15. The National Executive Committee shall, from time to time, adopt such by-laws, regulations, and definitions as are necessary to accomplish the equitable and reasonable application of these provisions.



By-Law I - Membership Conditions

Section 1. Regular and graduate members become members of Beta Beta Beta through a chapter and thus have both national and chapter membership. Once initiated, they are:

a) national members for life unless removed for cause in accordance with Article IV, Section 11 of the national constitution and

b) chapter members so long as they remain matriculated students in the chapter's home institution and meet their obligations to the chapter as specified by its by-laws.

Section 2. Associate members terminate both national and chapter or club membership when they graduate or otherwise terminate their matriculation in the chapter's home institution, unless:

a) they have previously been elected to regular membership, or

b) they are absent on approved leave-of-absence which permits their return.

Note: Fee credit for prior associate membership will apply toward national dues upon elevation to regular membership, regardless of where the associate membership was granted.

By-Law II - Initiation Fees

Section 1. Effective September 1, 1988, members shall pay prior to initiation, through the chapter or club, the following national initiation fees:

a) regular member: $30.00

b) graduate member: $30.00

c) associate member: $20.00

d) associate member becoming a regular member $10.00

e) chapter or club honorary member: $30.00

f) national honorary member: none

g) alumna/us member: $30.00 annually

h) corporate member: $500.00 or more annually

Section 2. Upon receipt of the initiation fee, the national Secretary-Treasurer will forward appropriate membership certificates to the chapter or club.

Section 3. For each regular, graduate and honorary member registered at the National Office, the chapter shall receive a two year subscription to BIOS. For each associate member registered, the chapter shall receive a one year subscription to BIOS. Each member shall have the option of receiving personally the subscription associated with his/her membership upon the payment of $1 .00 for each subscription year in addition to the initiation fee.

Section 4. Associate members who subsequently become regular members shall receive a reduction of the fee for regular membership as detailed in By-Law 1. The chapter shall receive a one year subscription to BIOS for each such member, subject to the option listed in Section 3.

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