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Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey

History of the NNF Bird Survey

The Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey began in 1987 in response to the lack of quantitative information about the breeding birds in northern Wisconsin. Following publication of the 1986 Land and Resource Management Plan for the Nicolet National Forest, members of the Conservation Committee of the Northeastern Wisconsin Audubon Society wanted to provide a better foundation for assessing the impacts of forest management on bird populations. A proposal was submitted to US Forest Service Biologist Tony Rinaldi, who worked with the Audubon Society members to organize the first Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey at the Boulder Lake Campground.

Since 1987, the NNF Bird Survey has compiled more than 63,000 records of birds at 522 points, most of which have been sampled every other year since 1987 or 1988. Results have contributed to many scientific publications, including master's theses, doctoral dissertations, book chapters and many other scholarly reports and articles.

More than 600 volunteers, including many of Wisconsin's premier birders have contributed to this effort.