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Your Own Innovation

UW–Green Bay is a place to discover who you are and where you want your life’s journey to lead you. We offer a diverse academic array of majors, minors and areas of emphasis — more than 45 in all, including seven pre-professional areas of study, such as pre-med and pre-law. UW–Green Bay also has an online degree option for undergraduates and six graduate programs.

Where Do You Start?

If you are seeking a meaningful college experience, explore, visit and apply. If you are already enrolled and need some direction, talk to a current faculty member, or visit Academic Advising to help you figure out the next steps.

Tools for Success

Your academic progress and personal development are goals we share. Whether you're scheduling classes, writing papers or studying challenging topics, our supportive staff and our variety of resources will keep you moving forward.

Beyond the Classroom

Students who truly develop into well-rounded, experienced individuals are those who choose to search for enlightenment in all channels of life. Let us give you the opportunities you need to become a strong and successful professional.

What Makes UW–Green Bay Special?

Our classroom leaders do. UW–Green Bay faculty members are known as sensational teachers, researchers, authors and mentors. Many have received national and regional teaching awards. Most importantly, they involve you in high impact practices (research, case studies, travel, etc.), engaging you in real-world issues. When you graduate, we want you to be prepared for your specific career, as well as life’s additional challenges and opportunities.