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Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey

Survey Site 029

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Survey Site Information

Directions to Road Marker: Marker is on east side of 2336 (Rose Lake Rd), just N of intersection with 2120 (Rose Lake Drive). Carsonite post placed 5/31/2001 by faint "path" going east off of 2336.
Directions to Site: Start on very faint deer trail (just N of 2120), walk 36 meters from 2336 to fork, then go east on right fork until path disappears. [Old: From marker walk 400 meters east along faint "path" (not found in 2005) just north of 2120.]
Habitat Type: Aspen/S. Maple/Basswood
Surveyor Comments: None. Listen to audio clip recorded at this site.

Species List

Species Name No. of Years
OVEN Ovenbird 12
REVI Red-eyed Vireo 10
BTNW Black-throated Green Warbler 7
RBGR Rose-breasted Grosbeak 6
BRCR Brown Creeper 4
AMCR American Crow 3
BLJA Blue Jay 3
HETH Hermit Thrush 3
AMRO American Robin 2
CEDW Cedar Waxwing 2
CORA Common Raven 2
GCFL Great Crested Flycatcher 2
INBU Indigo Bunting 2
LEFL Least Flycatcher 2
NOFL Northern Flicker 2
WOTH Wood Thrush 2
YBSA Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 2
BBCU Black-billed Cuckoo 1
BHCO Brown-headed Cowbird 1
BTBW Black-throated Blue Warbler 1
EAKI Eastern Kingbird 1
EAWP Eastern Wood Pewee 1
MODO Mourning Dove 1
RUGR Ruffed Grouse 1
SCTA Scarlet Tanager 1
UNID Unidentified Species 1
UNWA Unidentified Warbler 1
UNWO Unidentified Woodpecker 1
VEER Veery 1
WITU Wild Turkey 1