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Meet the Staff

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Ryan Stewart

Admissions Counselor

My favorite thing about UW-Green Bay: Our fitness center? Private bathrooms? Tunnels? Our professors? What's not to love? Contact Me!

Hannah Fameree

Admissions Counselor

Advice for college searching students: You will be presented with many unique opportunities in college- take advantage of as many as you can! Study abroad, go to events, and make the most of these exciting four years. Contact Me!

Lynn Brandt

Admissions Counselor
My favorite thing about my job is the opportunity to work with people who have life goals in mind and need some direction about how to meet those goals.  Choosing an educational path is a huge decision.  It is the best feeling to help a person navigate own journey, enabling them to reach that “light bulb” moment so they can make a sound decision for themselves.  Contact Me!

Marisa Leza

Admissions Counselor

Advice for college-searching students: College will be the best experience of your life.  Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions; there is never a dumb question.  There will be a lot of great people who will help you get through college. You will never regret your decision of applying. Contact Me!

Kayla Boguski

Admissions Counselor

Why I like working at UW-Green Bay: In the Admissions Office, I get to help people fall in love with UW-Green Bay, just the way I did! From the moment I stepped on campus, I felt like I was at home. I hope to share that same feeling when prospective students step on campus for the first time. Contact Me!

Jennie Strohm

Admissions Counselor
My advice to college searching students: find the place that feels right for YOU! College has all kinds of opportunities to offer you, but you will only take advantage of them at a place you feel comfortable. There are plenty of awesome people (like me) who are happy to answer your questions and help you find your fit! Contact Me!

Michelle Behm

Admissions Counselor

Why I like working for UW-Green Bay: I’m a proud graduate of UW-Green Bay and I loved my time as a student, so the next best thing to that is working here! Contact Me!

Katelyn Strzok

Admissions Counselor

Contact Me!

Arlene Torres

Admissions Counselor

Why I like working for UW-Green Bay: I enjoy working at UW-Green Bay because it is an educational institution that truly ensures each and every student is provided with the best experience. We truly care about our students and their ability to reach their personal and professional goals. Contact Me!

Sam Post

Admissions Counselor

My favorite thing about UWGB: the friendly, personable, and student-focused environment that I felt from the moment I was a student here. I am also in love with the beauty of the campus and how it feels “at home” to me. Contact Me!

Kristina Berg

Campus Visit Experience Coordinator

Why I like working at UW-Green Bay: I love when students visit UW-Green Bay and they have that “Aha!” moment when they realize that this is the school for them. Contact Me!

Katelyn Santy

Student Recruitment and Enrollment Coordinator

My favorite thing about UW-Green Bay: When I walk the halls of UW-Green Bay, as a student or as a staff member, I feel so at home with the wonderful, warm people who make up the UWGB community. Contact Me!

Aubrey Schramm

Assistant Director of Admissions for Regional Recruitment

Why I like working at UW-Green Bay: Hands-down, the people make this place special. Our faculty are passionate about teaching. Our staff are passionate about helping YOU navigate college. Just say the word and someone will jump at the opportunity to serve you. As a former student, I can speak first-hand about all of the priceless experiences I had here. Contact Me!

Bridget Derge

Assistant Director of Admissions for Recruitment

Advice for college searching students: Have fun and live in the moment! College is the best, and it goes by too fast. Travel, make new friends, and get involved. You only get one life so make everyday a great day. Contact Me!

Mike Gallagher

Assistant Director of Admissions for Operations

Why I like working at UW-Green Bay: I like sharing information with prospective students about all the great things UW-Green Bay has to offer, making college dreams come true by admitting students, and watching the students that we admit as freshmen transform into confident, prepared, and success-minded graduates. Contact Me!

Jennifer Jones

Director of Admissions

Why I like working at UW-Green Bay: I love my job because I get to help students figure out if UW-Green Bay is the right school for them. The UWGB experience has been transformational for me and I love to see when a student realizes it will be a part of their bright future. Getting to work with families, counselors and other support people in the student's life is also a joy. Everyone wants the best for the student. Contact Me!