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We hosted our Eleventh Annual Watershed Sympoisum on April 8th, 2014, and it was our largest one yet!  More than 90 high school teachers and students shared research and information about the streams they monitor in our communities. Aquatic Ecologist and UW-Green Bay Alumnus Dan Cibulka of Onterra LLC was our keynote speaker. Afternoon sessions include a birding field trip with Prof. Bob Howe, a tour of the Richter Museum, and campus tours. To view our presentations and research posters, check out our Symposium Page.

Our Program

The LFRWMP is a collaborative watershed education and stream monitoring program focused on identifying nonpoint source pollution within the Fox River watershed.

The LFRWMP has two major components:

  • school-based monitoring program
  • watershed research program.

In the school monitoring program, teams of high school students and teachers gain hands-on experience in assessing the health of aquatic ecosystems by performing a variety of monitoring activities in selected watersheds of the Lower Fox Basin. The use of standardized methods and teacher training allows the teams to collect quality assured data. Data from the student monitoring is shared on this website and at the annual Student Watershed Symposium

Components of the school-based monitoring program:

“This monitoring program engages students and teachers in hands-on science in their watersheds and is preparing our water planners, scientists, engineers, managers and leaders of the future. These efforts are consistent with regional goals that seek to improve and promote a quality environment that supports a vibrant economy and workforce.”

Kevin Fermanich,
Project Director Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program

What students, teachers and others say about the LFRWMP

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Nicolet Bank and NEW Water (GBMSD) and the Green Bay Water Utility recognized teacher Charlie Frisk at World Water Day 2014 with the “Watershed Champion Award,” for his many years of work with the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation, the research work he and his students did on Baird Creek as part of the LFRMWP, Envirothon achievements, and contributions to community education and stewardship of our most valuable water resources, the Fox River and Green Bay.

Charlie has been a part of LFRWMP since its inception in 2003.  Thank you so much Charlie for all you’ve done for our program and for our community. You are a wonderful teacher, activist, scientist, steward, and ambassador and I’m privileged to have this opportunity to work with you for the past four years, and hopefully many years to come. Congratulations Charlie!

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