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Lower Fox RiverWatershed Monitoring Program

We are a network of teachers and students from high schools in Northeast Wisconsin collaborating with university scientists on a long-term watershed monitoring program.  Our students and teachers monitor seven environmentally impaired streams in the Fox River watershed for water quality and ecological health.  

Our data provides a measurement of pollution that flows to the Fox River and Bay of Green Bay.  This runoff pollution is the type of pollution that contributes to the much publicized “dead zone” in the bay of Green Bay.  So beyond the innovative educational benefits our program provides for our students, we also provide the community with crucial data about our water quality that can be used to assess long-term trends and evaluate restoration efforts.

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Thank you to all of our generous donors who have made financial contributions to our program, including an an anonymous support for a recent gift of $5,000 and to the NE Wis Audubon for their fund raising efforts at their annual banquet. There’s still opportunities to have your donation matched up to $4,000. We are proud to announce that in the past year, we have raised over $20,000, which is being used to support the program. Your contributions will allow students to continue having this invaluable opportunity to engage in meaningful community issues and further develop an appreciation for our unique and essential water resources. We are very grateful for your investment in both our students and our community’s future

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Congratulations Charlie Frisk!

Mr. Charlie Frisk was recently awraded the Wisconsin Volunteer Stream Monitoring Award for Outstanding Teacher of the Year. This honor is presented by the University of Wisconsin-Extension and the Wisconsin DNR. Since the program’s inception in 2003, Charlie has been integral to its success and to instilling in our students a sense of respect and passion for protecting our invaluable water resources. Through his work, he has demonstrated what it means to be a true educator and environmentalist.

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