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Kingfisher Farm buildings and orchard.
Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

The Kingfisher Farm Natural Area consists of 59.22 acres of forest, grassland, shoreline, and riparian habitat along Lake Michigan, approximately 8 miles south of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The property was donated to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in 1989 by philanthropists Robert A. Levin, a former President of Antioch University, and his wife, Kay W. Levin, a writer who is commemorated by an annual award for non-fiction literature in Wisconsin. The Levins built a unique house on the property, embracing environmentally innovative architectural concepts like natural lighting and a built-in greenhouse. 

The upland forest at Kingfisher Farm is an excellent example of mature beech-maple-basswood climax forest typical of the Central Lake Michigan Coastal Ecological Landscape of eastern Wisconsin.  During early May, a rich display of native wildflowers carpets the understory.  Lowlands along the floodplain of Point Creek are dominated by northern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis)  and black ash (Fraxinus nigra). This area supports relict populations of small mammals, including the southern red-backed vole (Myodes gapperi) and American pygmy shrew (Sorex hoyi).     

Application to conduct research on a UW-Green bay natural area. 


Property boundaries map.Follow I-43 to County Road C exit. Follow C east to end at Lakeshore Road (LS). Turn right (south) on LS. Follow access road (bear left, continue across field) to house at edge of of woods.  Park by barn. 

The house and other buildings are occupied by the land caretaker. The trails are open to visitors. Please stay on the trails and do not remove any vegetation of other natural materials from the area. There are no public restrooms.