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Peninsula center understory.
Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Peninsula Center

Peninsula Sanctuary is a 158 acre natural area located along County Road E in northern Door County, approximately 3 miles west of Peninsula Center. The property was donated to UW-Green Bay in 1975 by Judson Fuller in memory of his wife, Jesse. The property includes open fields undergoing ecological succession from past clearing, a red pine (Pinus resinosa) plantation, and a forested stream corridor dominated by northern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis). The stream is part of the headwaters of Hibbard’s Creek, which flows into Lake Michigan near Jacksonport. An ephemeral wetland of about 13 acres occurs along the stream corridor in the southern part of the property.     

Although students have conducted plant and bird surveys at the Peninsula Sanctuary, much remains to be learned about the ecology and natural history of this seldom-visited site in Door County. 

Application to conduct research on a UW-Green bay natural area.

Peninsula Center marker.

Dedication Marker at Peninsula Center