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crab spider.
Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Biodiversity Related Resources

We have accumulated a number of other biodiversity related resources that are accessible to the public. These include species lists for areas that we have surveyed. We also have a database of spider species in the midwestern United States.

Biodiversity of Macrofungi (Mushrooms) in Northern Door County, WI

These pages illustrate the biodiversity of macrofungi that you might encounter in Northern Door County, WI. Species are arranged into assemblages based on habitat preference. Each photograph is linked to a detailed description of that species.The list is based on surveys by experienced fungi naturalist Charlotte Lukes who has collected data on macrofungi in Door County over the last 40 years. Jump to Species List and Biodiversity by Habitat.


Host-Fungus Index of Wisconsin

by Virginia Day and V.M.G. Nair

The Host-Fungus Index of Wisconsin is a list of all the fungi reported on plants in the State of Wisconsin, including parasitic, saprophytic, and beneficial fungi, including mycorrhyzae. The index is arranged alphabetically by plant host species. The newest genus names of both plant hosts and fungi are given, as well as any synonyms of those genera.  Every name is listed just as it was reported, along with author name for both plants and fungi. Over 10,000 fungi are included in this index, compared to 1500 recorded in Greene’s Host Index of Wisconsin that was published in 1953.