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Center for Public Affairs

Public and Nonprofit

Continuing Education Trainings

click here to learn more about Fall/Winter 2014 trainings and how to register

Enhancing Community

The Center for Public Affairs enhances civic engagement and quality of life in the community by:

  • Conducting applied and scholarly research and technical assistance
  • Providing students opportunities for internships, service learning, honors research, and civic engagement
  • Sponsoring educational programs to share information and dialog about civic issues
  • Providing a mechanism for collaboration between community organizations and citizens

Community Research

The Center for Public Affairs (CFPA) produces research that benefits the community as a whole. Our CFPA Policy Snapshot series are objective and consise analyses of important policy issues within our commnity. More about CFPA Policy Snapshots

New! Our report on Public Performance and Financial Trends was released in November 2014.  Click here to view Connecting the Dots: Public Performance and Financial Trends in Brown County and the City of Green Bay.  To learn more about this report and how it was developed, visit our Policy Snapshot section


Student Internships

Students within the Public and Evironmental Affairs unit are well-qualified to complete internships at public and nonprofit organizations within the community.  More about our Internship Program.