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Who should be an InfoSci major/minor

The Chic Geek. Students must have a tolerance or enjoyment for working with computers and sorting through large amounts of information.

The Sherlock in You. This field is heavily grounded in research and investigation. Students must therefore have a certain curiosity and determination for discovering information.

A Team Player. Good communication skills (oral, written, and visual) are a must for this field, as people often work within a team environment within the work setting.

Fall Down and Get Back Up. Students must be persistent in this field, and willing to encounter trial and error. Failure to find the information you need is common, and students must get back up and keep trying!

Who should have this Minor?

The minor in Information Sciences focuses on information problems, information technologies, and information structures. It can be structured with or without programming skills. Some common majors that minor in Information Sciences are Computer Science and Business Administration.