Permanent Collection

The UWGB Permanent Collection is comprised of approximately 500 items of which the majority are 2-dimensional works. There are five sub-collections which also form part of the permanent collection. These collections are catalogued under the following organizations: Art Agency, Alumni Association, Intercultural Center, Society for Photographic Education (SPE) and the University Union.

The collection acquires works from a variety of sources; donations from faculty members of their own and other's works, donations from people in the community, art works purchased & donated by the student art group Art Agency, and works gifted by graduating students from their Senior Shows. The Intercultural Center collection is made up of approximately 30 works by American Indian artists, which were acquired independently from the offices of the Curator of Art.

At any one time up to two-thirds of the Permanent Collection is installed in offices throughout the campus. The placement of works from the Permanent Collection throughout the campus, has historically, been one of the main reasons for the continued development of the Permanent Collection