Severe Weather Policy

Winter Storm Class Cancellations

Here in northern Wisconsin we’re accustomed to winter weather, but be safe! Campus generally is kept open and classes are held in the midst of winter weather whenever other adults go to work. We expect you—as an adult—to do your best to keep your academic commitments—just as you would your commitments to a paid job—but also to make responsible decisions about your own safety. If you live 30 miles away on a back road, for instance, your individual circumstances may be different than those for most of our campus community. Do not endanger yourself. It is common for faculty to make special arrangements for individuals absent for reasons of safety. If you do need to miss a class or test because your own route to campus is unsafe, just be sure that you exercise your responsibility to let your individual instructors know why you couldn’t come and arrange with them for making up your work.

Dean Langteau will also send out an e-mail to students and faculty and send a notice to be posted on the campus website. If you have provided the campus with a cell phone number, you may also receive an eAlert, but it is good to check multiple announcement sites in case we can’t get a text alert out right away.

On days when we don’t announce cancellations in the morning, but the weather worsens or remains threatening into the evening, you should check your e-mail for notice of class cancellation, as the Dean will send out an e-mail to all students, faculty and staff announcing the cancellation. You might also call your professors’ office telephone numbers, as they have been encouraged to use outgoing voicemail messages to communicate to you about class cancellation, rescheduling and make-up information.

UW-Marinette rarely cancels all classes for winter weather and only when the campus cannot be safely accessed by a majority of our students. Like other area agencies serving adults, we generally stay open in the midst of stormy weather, even when children’s schools close. We will cancel classes for the whole campus only if weather and road conditions are bad enough to make driving unsafe in many of the communities we serve, or if the campus itself is inaccessible. In those cases, an announcement will be made on the following area radio and TV stations, beginning around 5:30-6:00 a.m.:

Local Radio Stations 

WHYB FM 103.7 (Menominee)
WLST FM 95.1 (Marinette)
WSFQ FM 96.3 (Peshtigo)
WMAM AM 570 (Marinette)
WAGN AM 1340 (Menominee)
WOCO AM 1260 & FM 107.1(Oconto)
WIXX-FM 101.1 (Green Bay)
WTAQ AM 1360 (Green Bay)
WNFL AM 1440 (Green Bay)
WZBY FM 99.7 (Green Bay)
WNCY FM 100.3 (Green Bay)

Local Television Stations

WBAY-TV (channel 2)
WFRV-TV (channel 5)
WLUK-TV (channel 11)
WGBA-TV (channel 26)

Distance Ed Courses & Cancellation

Be aware that DE classes are recorded only when all campus classes are cancelled. Please contact your individual instructors - either by e-mail or voicemail - for make-up instructions if you must miss class.