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UW-Green BayOutreach and Adult Access

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Dean's Welcome

Please accept my warmest welcome to the Division of Outreach and Adult Access at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.  Whether they are taken for credit or on a non-credit basis, the programs and services that we offer in the Division are tailored to meet the needs of everyone in our community.  We are happy to offer a wide variety of credit and non-credit programs for returning adults, continuing education for private sector professionals, government employees, K-12 teachers, high school students, children and families, and entrepreneurs.

Regardless of the educational offerings that we deliver, the Division is firmly rooted in the “Wisconsin Idea” – a principle which states that knowledge and resources of the University of Wisconsin System should be shared beyond the classroom with all citizens of the state.  As such, the Division of Outreach and Adult Access provides continuing and professional education opportunities throughout the state and is UW-Green Bay’s primary conduit for online coursework.  In doing so, we help provide statewide access to university resources so that Wisconsinites of all ages can learn and develop the skills they need to succeed.

The education that you will receive through the Division of Outreach and Adult Access will enrich your life, expand your horizons, and give you the tools you need to realize your dreams.  All 35+ members of the Division are here to help you match your interests and goals with what the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has to offer.  Whether you are looking for learning opportunities for a grade school child, you are a high school student looking to get a jump start on your college education, you are an adult looking to complete a degree, or you are a working professional looking to advance your learning, we understand the specific needs of non-traditional students and we do our best to tailor our programs to you.

If you have any questions about any of our programs or if you just want to know what is happening in the Division of Outreach and Adult Access, please feel free to email or call.  We hope to see you soon to further welcome you into our learning community.

With Kindest Regards,
Steve VandenAvond, Ph.D.
Dean of Continuing Education and Outreach
(920) 465-2102



Carrying out the Wisconsin Idea:

With an emphasis on partnerships throughout the Northeastern Wisconsin region, the Division of Outreach and Adult Access at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay brings about human fulfillment and positive societal change through lifelong learning.