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Student Government Association

Segregated Fees & Allocation Committee

Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee (SUFAC) is the official organization in the Student Government Association which is responsible for distribution of segregated university fee monies (allocations for distribution among the various student organizations and services) and for overseeing the use of segregated fees. SUFAC also advises the Chancellor about decisions concerning monies. Review involves recommendations on increases, decreases, or the continuation of existing fees paid by the students each semester.

(NEW) Important Dates!

Student Organization Budget Presentation Schedule (PDF)

Budget Training for 2016-17 Student Org Budgets will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, October 20 and 21, 2015 at 5:00pm in the Union 1965 Room. Student orgs who wish to be funded for the 2016-17 school year MUST send at least one representative to one of these training sessions. You do not need to attend both sessions, but we prefer that you send two members of your organization.

After budget training, you must complete the Org Budget Form (see forms, below) and submit to SUFAC by Sunday, November 22 at 11:59pm.

Interested In Becoming a Member?

SUFAC meets every Thursday at 5:15 pm. Any student with at least a 2.0 GPA is always welcomed to apply. Interested students should fill out an At Large application form or contact the Speaker of the Senate in order to join Student Senate.

Segregated Fee Information | Members | Meeting Minutes | Forms

Segregated Fee Information AY 2015-16

Full time fees per academic year

Description Amount
Allocable Segregated Fee $118.30
Non Allocable Segregated Fee* $1,407.72
Total Full Time Segregated Fee $1,526.02

* Non allocable segregated fee provides funding for Kress Center, Union, Athletics, Health, Student Life, Dean of Students, Alcohol Education, and Municipal Services.

2015 Non Allocable Segregated Fee Review Procedure

Allocable Student Organization 2015-16 Allocated Cost
360 Degrees of Fitness $1,656.00
Alternate Theatre $6,267.80
American Fisheries Society $1,131.54
Anime Club $3,199.40
ASA $1,725.00
Black Student Union $9,930.20
Bowling Club $7,781.94
Camping & Climbing Club $971.33
Campus Kitchens $3,700.00
Christ Living Among Students $2,178.50
Computer Science Club $3,660.00
CRU $16,871.00
Curling Club $5,042.19
Dance Team $7,240.78
Design Lounge $1,220.67
Dietetics $6,013.60
Ducks Unlimited $714.00
Feminists 4 Action $3,480.32
Fourth Estate $16,782.00
Gamers' Club $2,583.33
Geology Club $2,554.80
German Club $1,139.12
Habitat for Humanity $17,157.00
Health Science Club $120.00
Healthy Fork $5,600.00
History Club $1,689.28
HIVE $923.00
International Club $2,824.34
Intertribal Student Council $5,299.15
InterVarsity $3,806.00
Jazz Society $2,100.00
Kappa Sigma $486.55
MISS $935.00
OLA $5,755.00
Optimist Club $350.00
PEAC $5,570.21
PHD Club $1,570.00
Phi Eta Sigma $570.00
Phlash TV $12,682.60
Phoenix Philanthropy $1,095.00
Phoenix Students for Life $843.33
Pre‐Dental Club $341.65
Pre‐Pharmacy Club $100.00
PRSSA $497.29
Psi Chi $7,580.20
Red Cross Club $780.00
Round River Alliance $1,835.00
RPG Club $550.00
SASU $9,462.91
SCA $4,064.25
Sheepshead Review $16,273.37
SHRM $1,485.34
Sigma Tau Delta $1,150.00
SLO Food Alliance $5,566.00
Social Work Club $1,553.80
Student Finance Association $1,900.00
Student Government Association $56,031.40
Student WEA $1,761.60
Studio GB $175.00
The Critical Left $1,900.00
Tribeta $3,489.60
Ultimate Frisbee $2,230.50
WGBX $6,075.00
Women of Color $7,763.49
Women's Club Volleyball $3,560.00
Zeta Omega Tau $250.00
Total Allocation $311,596.38

View the 2013-14 Segregated Fee Information

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Name Role
Eric Kissinger Chair
Allison LeMahieu Vice-Chair
Sarah Batten Administrative Assistant
John Landrum Resource Liaison
Lea Truttmann Org Finance Officer
Hannah Stepp SGA President
Gretchen Klefstad Speaker of the Senate
Janae Due AIC Representative Member
Marc Minani OIE Representative Member
Milton Byers At-Large Member
Tom Gentilini At-Large Member
Erica Kuehn At-Large Member
Noelle Poppe At-Large Member
Nathan Rousseau At-Large Member
Penghan Yi At-Large Member
Nikolas Austin Senate Member
Reed Heintzkill Senate Member
Samuel Welhouse Senate Member

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Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Date Meeting Minutes Meeting Agenda
December 3, 2015 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)
November 19, 2015 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)
November 12, 2015 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)
November 5, 2015 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)
October 29, 2015 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)
October 15, 2015 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)
October 8, 2015 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)
October 1, 2015 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)
September 24, 2015 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)
September 17, 2015 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)

For prior years, view the past meeting minutes archive.

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Budget Forms

Contingency Request Forms





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