What is Your ID Card

  • University ID
  • Declining balance (debit) account for on campus purchases, and select off campus locations
  • Library card
  • Door access card for on campus housing, select campus classrooms and computer labs
  • Sports pass for Access to regular season Green Bay Phoenix athletic events and UW-Green Bay Music Performances
  • Access card for the Kress Events Center

About Your Card

UWGB Students, faculty, and staff will be issued a University ID card as part of their ongoing relationship with the university.  The University ID card is the official UW-Green Bay ID and should be carried with you or be readily available to you while on the UW-Green Bay campus. You will be asked to present your University ID to access select buildings and classrooms on campus, to access your University accounts, and to gain campus services. For more information regarding Student ID Card Policies click here. For more information regarding Voter ID policies, click here.

  • Newly admitted students may obtain their initial University ID card for a $7.50 fee. However, all incoming freshman students will have their $7.50 fee built into the FOCUS fee and will not be required to pay the initial ID fee when attending the Resources & Registration program in June.
  • UWGB faculty and staff can obtain their ID card at no cost, as part of their employment identification.
  • Please note you must present valid photo identification when receiving a University ID. Your University ID card will be valid throughout your entire academic or employment career at UW-Green Bay.  You will also be signing an ID card holder's rights and responsibilities agreement.
  • A non-refundable $15 fee is charged for all replacement ID cards.
  • UWGB Alumni can obtain more information about an Alumni ID here

Be prepared to take a photo for your Student ID.

This will be your main form of identification on campus and you will use your Student ID daily. We want YOU to look good, so here’s some tips:

1. You don’t have to dress fancy; your normal clothes will be just fine.
2. You cannot wear a hat, bandana, headphones, sunglasses, wireless devices, or similar items in your photo. Your face cannot be covered in the photo.
3. Prescription glasses are allowed, but the lenses cannot be darkened or create a glare in the picture.
4. Uniforms should not be worn in the photo with exception to any religious clothing that is worn daily, including headpieces.
5. Smile big!