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Office of Marketing and University Communication

Logo File Download

This page contains approved identity mark files for the purposes of identifying institutional pieces as pertaining to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Official UW-Green Bay logos may be downloaded in six different file types. Any tampering or editing of these files is unauthorized. Please see the UW-Green Bay Style Guide (PDF) for usage guidelines.

For web use:

Please refer to the UW-Green Bay Web Identity page for web-ready logo files sized, optimized, and colored to be consistent with the UW-Green Bay online identity.

For Microsoft Office use:

(Note that UW-Green Bay Microsoft templates are available for download.)
  1. Download the .png file (see "How to download" below).
    Note that .eps files are a standard vector file format for professional design software and cannot be opened in Microsoft Office.
  2. Open a new document.
  3. Insert the image into the document. You will need to browse to where you saved the logo (in step 4 below) and select it for placement.
  4. Hold down your shift key while scaling the logo to maintain original proportions. These logos are sized to look clear when printed up to 5 inches wide.

How to download:

  1. Right click (control click for Mac) the file name of the logo you'd like to download.
  2. Depending on your browser you'll see "Save Link As...," or "Save Target As..."
    Select this option.
  3. A dialogue box will appear that will prompt you to save the file to your hard drive.
  4. Select a location and click "Save."

Primary Identity Marks

Logo PMS 343c

Green Stacked Logo

Logo Black

Black Stacked Logo

White Logo

White Stacked Logo

Horizontal Logo

Logo PMS 343c

Green Horizontal Logo

Logo Black

Black Horizontal Logo

White Logo

White Horizontal Logo

Single-line Logo Variation

The single line logo variation should only be used in the event that space does not allow for the primary options above.

Logo PMS 343c

Green Single-line Logo

Logo Black

Black Single-line Logo

White Logo

White Single-line Logo

Phoenix Emblem

Note that the phoenix emblem is not a replacement for an institutional logo. If it is used, it must be accompanied by a primary identity mark (above).

Logo PMS 343c

Green Phoenix Emblem

Logo Black

Black Phoenix Emblem

White Logo

White Phoenix Emblem