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Athletics Insignia

Athletics Insignia

Athletics Phoenix Insignia
Developed 2007

Original phoenix
Original circa 1970

Birds of different feathers

Students in May 1970, chose the Phoenix as the University mascot and emblem. The Phoenix is a creature from the mythology of ancient cultures of the Mediterranean and India. Emerging from the ashes of its own funeral pyre, the Phoenix symbolizes rebirth or regeneration.

The two full-bird Phoenix logos are different but distinct. In 2007, Green Bay Athletics moved away from the traditional Phoenix with the “flame of knowledge” and established its own logo and identity to showcase the University’s long-standing, powerful and successful athletic tradition. Noteable:

  • The athletics logo is not a substitute for the University’s logo. It should only be used in conjunction with the merchandising and promotion of Green Bay Athletics.
  • When referencing student-athlete academic achievement, it is both appropriate and preferred to reference the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.
  • The Phoenix is singular in usage. An example: The Phoenix is on a winning streak. To assure proper usage, the word “team” should be interchangeable with the Phoenix.
  • Outside of the athletics reference, Phoenix is also an acceptable editorial reference to alumni, the student body as a whole or various programs. The “Phoenix” in Phoenix Club, Phuture Phoenix, Phoenix Bookstore, etc., share this historic, campuswide connotation.
Institutional phoenix emblem
Institutional Phoenix Emblem,
Developed 1997

Merchandising and licensing

Any reproduction of either logo is subject to licensing agreements.

“Editorial use for publicity, identification and public information is not affected by the trademark program. With UW-Green Bay’s licensing agreement, however, the Athletics insignias and the institution’s Primary Identity Marks are protected from non-authorized commercial use. Therefore, all products (e.g., apparel, mugs, golf balls, etc.) imprinted with EITHER of the institution’s Primary Identity Marks are subject to the licensing program and must be produced by a licensed vendor. However, only those products that are for commercial use (i.e., for resale) would be subject to royalty payments through the licensed vendor.

Any questions related to commercial use of the logos should be directed to LRG,