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Office of Marketing and University Communication

Logo, Identity Mark

Preferred option

The Phoenix Emblem above the Wordmark is the preferred choice when medium, space and design permit.

Secondary option

The Phoenix Emblem to the left of the Wordmark is an alternative when medium, space and design are not conducive to using option 1 (above).


UW-Green Bay wordmark

The two-line Wordmark without the Phoenix Emblem is acceptable as the Primary Identity Mark when neither of the two more preferred options above are feasible or appropriate.

Single-line option

When vertical space does not allow any of the three preferred Primary Identity Mark options to be used, a single-line Wordmark with Phoenix Emblem is available. The Emblem in this variation provides a strong visual emphasis to counter the de-emphasis of the words “Green Bay.”

Colleges and departments within the University

Endowed Schools within the University

Acceptable Variations

Outlined Phoenix Emblem

A version of the Primary Identity Mark is available with the Phoenix Emblem rendered as an outline in lieu of a solid shape. This option is to be used sparingly when the design or medium is not optimal for a solid shape.

This variation is available only for the vertically stacked and centered Primary Identity Mark. It is not permitted for use with the left-aligned Phoenix Emblem. (Outlining, when coupled with the reduced size, would minimize the Emblem’s visual impact.)

Approved logo color treatment

Acceptable colors for the Primary Identity Marks are Forest Green, black or white.

One- and Two-Color Print Jobs

The official University mark should appear in Forest Green, black, or white, if possible. When a designer is limited to the use of one or two colors, reversed out white from a solid color is the preference.