Receiving an Award

Award Set-up

As soon as you receive an award letter from a funding agency, contact the Office of Grants and Research, and provide the original award letter. The Office of Grants and Research (Pre-Award Services) will contact the Controller's Office (Post-Award Services) and begin the process of setting up your grant/contract budget account.

The Controller's Office will schedule a start-up meeting to discuss fiscal procedures and grant award conditions. It is your responsibility to keep track of your grant budget.

Arrange for submission of Personnel Transfer Forms to initiate additional pay, if applicable.

Receiving the Award

UWGB receives a Notice of Award (NOA) from the sponsor via e-mail, fax or mail. If the awarded amount differs from the requested amount, the OGR requests a revised budget from the PI. Once received, the OGR forwards the award letter and revised budget to the Controller's Office and they set up the account typically within 5 business days.

To avoid delays in receiving an account

  • Be sure you've submitted an application for funds with the assistance of the OGR.
  • If you receive the award notice from the sponsor, forward it to the OGR for processing.
  • Be sure to submit revised budgets in a timely fashion.

Where do I go for help?

It depends on the activity. The OGR handles all pre-award and non-financial post-award activities while the Controller's Office handles all financial post-award activities. While the two offices work closely together to ensure that appropriate and accurate fiscal information is provided on agency requests, use the table below as a guide.

Office of Grants and Research (OGR)

  • Proposal and budget review
  • Online submission of proposals
  • IDC waivers and cost sharing approvals
  • Requests from sponsors regarding pending and awarded projects
  • Negotiation, execution, and modification of contracts
  • Receipt and processing of the Notice of Award
  • Sign-off for relinquishing documents, grant transfers, and Patent/Invention Statements

Controller's Office

  • Set up of anticipation accounts
  • Set up of traditional accounts
  • Day-to-day monitoring of expenditure activity on sponsored programs
  • Financial Status Reports
  • No-cost extensions on grants and contracts
  • Prior approval requests/notifications, i.e. permission to carry forward funds, change of PI, change of scope, and major re-budgeting

Documentation associated with an Extramural Award must be received by the University (faculty member, Provost, Office of Grants and Research or Business and Finance) before the research may begin or costs incurred. An extramural account is not established until the Controller's Office and/or administration receives written authorization from the grantor/ contractor.

Special Terms and Conditions

If an award carries special terms and conditions imposed by the grantor/contractor, the information is sent to the Principle Investigator (PI) from Business and Finance Services or directly from the funding agency. It is the responsibility of the PI to be familiar with these special conditions.

Matching/Cost Sharing

The verification of institutional matching and cost sharing funds included within the grant as a portion of the award must be documented by, and is the responsibility of, the Principle Investigator. Contact Grant Accountant Jeff Selner for more information.