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Forms & Petitions

Electronic Forms (e-forms) require a network user ID and password. If your network user ID is no longer active, click on the (e-form) link for the form you want below and you will be given the opportunity to create an ID to use for completing e-forms.

If you are having any difficulty accessing a form, please call GBOSS at (920) 465-2111.

***Occasionally workplace network security will prevent logging in to Dynamic forms. If you are at your place of work and experience errors trying to log into Dynamic forms, please try again from your home or while on campus***

  • Registration Forms ***Some forms have been renamed to better identify what each form is used for.

  • Course Registration Override / Late Add (Undergraduate/Grad Students)
    Faculty approval to enroll by waiving closed course status, requisite requirements, instructor consent, or time conflicts, and to enroll in courses after the enrollment deadline has passed.
  • Independent Study, Co-op, Teaching Assistant, Projects/Research, Honors (Undergraduate/Grad Students)
    Faculty approved Independent Studies, Co-ops, Teaching Assistantships, Project/Research, Assistantships, or Honors courses. For internship registrations use the "Internship" paper form below.
  • Internship (Undergraduate/Grad Students) (Print Only form)
  • Form
    Faculty approved Internship courses.
  • Credit Overload (Undergraduate/Grad Students)
    Your assigned advisor listed in SIS approval to enroll beyond 18 undergraduate credits and 15 graduate credits.
  • Grade Change/Audit (Undergraduate/Grad Students)
    Faculty approval for degree seeking, undergraduate students to change grade basis for a course (Audit, P/NC). Faculty approval for degree seeking, graduate students to change grade basis (P/NC - Graduate level courses may not be taken for Audit). Faculty approval for non-degree, special students to audit a course.
  • Request to Remove Major/Minor Hold
    Used when you have a declare Major/Minor hold and need to have the hold removed so you can register for another semester in order to meet additional entrance requirements for a restricted Major/Minor.
  • Request to Remove Math or English Competency Hold
    Petition to allow registration prior to completion of remedial course requirements.
  • Declaration of Major/Minor/Certificate Forms

  • Declare my Major/Minor/Certificate
    Faculty approval to Declare a Major/Minor/Certificate. Communication, Education, Human Development, Psychology and Social work require additional steps to declare BEFORE completing this form. Check the department website for more information. If you do not meet the pre-declaration or academic requirements for these majors, your e-form will likely be denied.
  • Drop my Major/Minor/Certificate
    Drop a Major/Minor/Certificate.
  • Declaration of Associates of Arts and Sciences Degree
    This form is used to declare the Associates of Arts and Sciences Degree and is completed in the semester prior to graduation. Please contact Academic Advising for more information (920) 465-2362.
  • Substitutions

    Major/Minor/Certificate Course Substitution (Undergraduate/Grad Students)
    Faculty approval to use one course in place of another in your Major or Minor.
  • General Education Substitution (For transfer courses, courses that are not on the approved gen eds list, travel experiences etc.)
    Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences approval to have a TRANSFERRED IN COURSE or TRAVEL EXPERIENCE approved to fulfill a General Education requirement. This form can also be used to request approval for an alternative course to be used in place of the approved General Education list of courses. For further information on specific requirements see the Writing Emphasis Requirement Policies and Global Culture Substitution
  • Misplaced General Education Course
    Used by students to request a UW-Green Bay General Education course be moved from fulfilling one category of General Education to another.
  • Petitions

    Late Drop (Undergraduate/Grad Students)
    Petition to drop a course after the deadline. Please direct all petitions to Petitions are only granted for documented medical or military circumstances, or death of an immediate family member. The documentation must occur during the term the appeal is requested and address how only some classes are affected.

    Late Withdrawal (Undergraduate/Grad Students)
    Petition to drop all courses and withdraw from the University after the deadline. Please direct all petitions to Petitions are only granted for documented medical or military circumstances, or death of an immediate family member. The documentation must occur during the term the appeal is requested.
  • Miscellaneous Petition (Undergraduate/Grad Students) ***This form is not used for any course registration transactions.
    Petition to request an alternative or exception to an academic rule, regulation, procedure, or requirement of UWGB.
  • Academic Standing Forms

    Academic Forgiveness
    Petition to remove prior academic grades from GPA calculation. Certain conditions apply to qualify.

    Suspension Petition
    Petition to appeal suspension status.


    Miscellaneous Forms

    165 Credits Tuition Surcharge Waiver(Print Only)
    Print only form
    165 credits tuition surcharge waiver form.

    Graduation Check
    Used by students to check if all their degree requirements have been met. To complete this form, students must have 96 earned or in progress credits AND have applied to graduate.

    Name Change
    e-form or Print only form
    Used by students to submit a preferred or legal name change.  Legal changes require the student to upload copies to the form as proof of this change. (e.g., State issued ID card, drivers license, court order). See Legal or Preferred Identity Practices here for further information about legally changing gender or submitting Social Security information to the records office.

    Replacement Diploma Request
    Print only form
    Replace a lost or damaged diploma.
  • Retroactive Credit
    Upon completion of a specific language, Music Application, or Math courses, students may earn additional credits with faculty approval.
  • Request to Review Transfer Course
    Used when you have received transfer credit on your official UWGB record and would like a course re-reviewed to determine if the course can be considered equivalent to a specific UWGB course.

    Faculty Only Forms

    Incomplete Grade
    Completed by faculty members only to submit incomplete grade deadline information.