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Office of Residence Life

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Welcome to Residence Life

Our mission is to provide a residential environment in which staff and services promote student development within a comprehensive living experience. We offer a varied selection of rooms and apartments. We are committed to planning fun and enriching events. If you're looking for answers, try Ask.GB.Housing or take your questions to our knowledgeable staff

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  • Nov

    I’m Bored, What is There to Do?

    “Hey Mom and Dad, can I come home this weekend? There’s NOTHING to do here and I’m bored.” Sound familiar, or have your heard something close to it? College is often quoted as being the time in many people’s lives where they have the most time but the least amount of money. Fortunately, UW-Green Bay […]

  • Nov

    Semester Room Changes

    We just completed our annual semester room change event on November 16th. Students were able to select a different room or apartment for next semester. If your student missed the Room Change Event and is considering a room or apartment change, requests can be made after the first two weeks of the spring semester. At […]

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