UW-Green Bay

Recent Faculty Achievements

  • Professor Robert Howe (Cofrin Center for Biodiversity) Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Golden Passenger Pigeon Award (Lifetime Achievement Award) (2017).
  • Professor Robert Howe (Cofrin Center for Biodiversity)  U.S. Forest Service, Wings Across the Americas (Research Partnership) Award (with co-authors) (2017).
  • Professor Robert Howe (Cofrin Center for Biodiversity), was awarded the Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship at the 2017 Fall Convocation.
  • Professor Amy Wolf (Biology), was recently named to the Herbert Fisk Johnson Professorship for a five-year term effective July 1, 2017. 
  • Three UW-Green Bay researchers Professor Robert Howe (Biology), Cofrin Center for Biodiversity Center Research Specialist Erin Giese and recent ES&P graduate Nick Walton are part of a team that has been recognized by two national awards for the publication of a peer-reviewed USDA Technical Report on monitoring bird populations in western Great Lakes forests. Awards include the U.S. Forest Service Award and the Partners in Flight Award. Listen to a podcast describing the project (Western Great Lakes Bird Survey link). The first speaker on the podcast, Linda Parker, is a UW-Green Bay graduate. View a copy of the original publication.
  • Assistant Professor Md Maruf Hossain, “Integrated Vertical Axis Wind Power Generation System.”  (Initially an Invention Disclosure was submitted to the WiSys Technology Foundation in March 2017. WiSys Technology Foundation accepted the invention disclosure for patent drafting in April 2017 and finally a patent application was filed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in July 2017.)
  • Congratulations to Associate Professor Debra Pearson (Human Biology), who was honored with the Outstanding Dietetics Educator of the Year Award at the Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Association Annual Conference. The award recognizes an outstanding educator for innovation in teaching skill and technique, mentoring of students, and leadership in education and dietetics/nutrition sciences.
  • Assistant Professor Md Maruf Hossain (Engineering Technology) had his patent application “Wind Generator System with Multiple Turbines” with Assistant Professor Hasan Ali (University of Memphis) accepted on March 21, 2017 with 14 claims (United States Patent # 9,599,092). This invention develops a novel wind turbine generator system where a higher capacity single unit wind generator will be driven by multiple identical wind turbines, whose shafts will be connected to a single common shaft, in contrast to conventional wind generators currently available in the market. The invention will help implement higher capacity electrical generator systems in such locations where the average or typical wind speed is below the requisite wind speed for conventional wind turbines. As the mechanical energy of multiple turbines will be accumulated to a single common shaft to drive a single large generator, the number of generator and power electronic interface required for each individual wind turbine will be reduced. The invented system has some advantages, such as i) no electric generator and power electronic devices will be implemented over the tower. So, the total weight carried by each tower will be reduced. It will save the cost of the tower construction for each turbine; and ii) the radius of the blades of each wind turbine will be reduced which reduces the size and weight of each turbine, that ultimately reduces overall construction and installation costs as well as maintenance and repair costs of the turbines.
  • Assistant Professor Md Upal Mahfuz of the Natural and Applied Sciences Engineering Technology department was named the Secretary of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Emerging Technical Subcommittee on Nanoscale, Molecular & Quantum Networking within the IEEE Communications Society.  The subcommittee focuses on nanoscale communication systems.  Mahfuz’s principal area of research is molecular communication systems.
  • In a news release last summer, the U.S. Forest Service praised the work of Professor Bob Howe, Director of UWGB Cofrin Center for Biodiversity, and his research collaborators. The release describes recently published results from the Nicolet National Bird Survey (NNBS) and parallel studies in other western Great Lakes national forests. For more than 25 years, an estimated 700 birders, including more than 150 UW-Green Bay students, staff, alumni and their families, have volunteered their time or worked as paid field researchers to inventory bird species for the NNBS. The most recent report will serve as a useful reference for forest managers identifying how species respond to forest management and what species need attention. Two former UWGB students, Erin Giese (now Cofrin Center for Biodiversity Data Manager) and Nicholas Walton, are among the co-authors. See the full news release here:
  • Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics Tetyana Malysheva has been selected by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) to be a Project NExT Fellow for the 2016-2017 academic year. Project NExT, which stands for New Experiences in Teaching, is a prestigious professional development program for new or recent Ph.D.’s in the mathematical sciences. NExT is focused on providing new, effective and innovative approaches to teaching mathematics. The program involves attending intensive workshops and special sessions at the MAA annual national mathematics conferences MathFest and the Joint Mathematics Meeting, the largest annual mathematics meeting in the world.
  • UW-Green Bay Richter Museum Curator Tom Erdman received a surprise special recognition from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation (NHC) for his more than 50 years of contributions to the conservation of birds in Northeast Wisconsin.  Erdman has spent more than four decades conducting research on mammals, reptiles and amphibians in Northeast Wisconsin. Birds, however, have been the main focus of his career.
  • Associate Professor Steve Meyer (NAS) wins University Award for Excellence in Institutional Development.    Steve Meyer’s “institutional commitment, attitude and character” has provided leadership and knowledge to a range of committees or activities that serve the institution on either the local or UW system-wide level. He is one of the most active and visible faculty members on campus through his extensive involvement in student-focused activities, as well as his participation in faculty governance. One colleague put it simply; (Steve Meyer) “brings to life the notion of “Phoenix Family.” His contributions in student engagement include academic advisor for environmental science students, chairman of the NAS Scholarship Committee, University Leadership Awards Committee, Advising Task Force, Invent the Future Enrollment Working Group and Co-Director of the FOCUS program.