Students are provided with a solid understanding of chemical principles, the use of modern instrumentation, the design of experiments, and the ability to analyze data and present results.

Students are encouraged to refine their skills by engaging in research. Many chemistry majors have opportunities to work as research assistants on faculty projects or to conduct their own independent projects.

ACS Certified Majors

Students who want to add depth to their programs may pursue an American Chemical Society (ACS)-certified major in either chemistry or environmental chemistry. Students who complete these majors are registered with the ACS and have the certification recorded on their official University credentials.

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SAACS Student Org

The Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) works to instill professional pride, prepare students for careers in chemistry or related field, and spread an interest for chemistry in the community.

Club members can participate in chemical demonstrations at area schools, museums and during campus Phuture Phoenix days.  They will also have the opportunity to tour local chemical companies to explore career possibilities.  Contact Julie Wondergem at for any questions or if you want to get involved in the club.

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