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Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations

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group of students at Krash the Kress

Get Involved

Whether you're looking to recruit new students or volunteer at one of our many community events, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

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Alumni Resources

Alumni have access to multiple campus resources, including facilities and services like the Cofrin Library and Career Planning.

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Phoenix Pride

UW-Green Bay is a campus built upon tradition, from the landmark Shoe Tree on campus, to major events such as "Krash the Kress."

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Mary Gallagher ’90 dared to dream big from stages of UW-Green Bay. She has a warm place in her heart for UW-Green Bay and the Theatre faculty who set her on a path to an acting and comedy career. Mary’s life after college took her to Chicago before making the leap to Los Angeles. Maybe you’ve seen her on Flightplan, Friends, or How I Met Your Mother? No matter how bright Hollywood’s light shines, Mary cherishes her days at UW-Green Bay.

Be like Mary. Keep us in the loop of your life journey.

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Mary Gallagher
Student puts a record on the turntable at the campus radio station

Guess the Year

A UW-Green Bay student puts a record on the turntable at the campus radio station during what year?

a) 1980 b) 1962 c) 1994 d) 1974

Answer: d) 1974

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No one knows more the financial commitment of earning a college degree. Consider a gift that will help ease the burden of those that are following in your footsteps.

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