The Viking House, photo taken in 2013.

Deconstruction in Process, photo taken in 2017

Giving a Viking House a New Home


This Fall, a Viking House replica will be moved to the UWGB campus. Owen and Elspeth Christianson built this Norwegian timber-framed house (a grindbygning) in 2011 on their land near the village of Stratford, Wisconsin. The Christiansons, Viking reenactors since the 1970s, built the house based on careful research of Viking-Age building traditions in Norway. Their dream was to use the house for both reenactment and educational purposes. Starting in 2013, the couple hosted Viking camp weekends for UW-Green Bay students. Based their experience on the Viking House the UWGB students created their own experimental archeology projects and began designing a 3D model of the Viking House. The Christiansons are donating the house to the UWGB campus, where it will be used for educational hands-on learning for students and the public.