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Public Administration is designed to prepare students for challenging careers in public and nonprofit organizations, as well as for further study in graduate programs. Students develop proficiency in organizational management and leadership, public policy analysis, program evaluation, policy development and implementation, budgeting and governmental processes.

Graduates hold positions as professional administrators, policy analysts, budget specialists, program managers, personnel counselors, governmental affairs directors for businesses and human resource specialists. Many pursue graduate studies in public administration, law, political science, social services, public policy and public affairs.

What Will I Learn?

The Public Administration major is a broad-based, interdisciplinary, social science major. It is designed to prepare students for a variety of challenging careers in public and nonprofit organizations, as well as for further study in a variety of graduate programs.

The major in Public Administration consists of three sets of requirements: required supporting courses, upper-level core courses, and elective courses in several areas of specialization such as institutions and organizational behavior, analytical methods and public policy.

Emphasis Options
The Public Administration major offers three areas of emphasis, so you can specialize in Public Management and Policy, Nonprofit Management, or Emergency Management.

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Successful Alumni
Alumni from UW-Green Bay's Public Administration program have recently been hired as Project Coordinators, City Managers, Policy Analysts and more.

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Internship Opportunities
Students in Public Administration have obtained internships in city, county and state agencies, non-profit organizations and a variety of private corporations.

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Scholarships Available
Students in the Public Administration program may be eligible for scholarships, which can greatly reduce the cost of school, making it affordable and achievable.

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Learn More About Our Public Administration Faculty

UW-Green Bay's David Helpap

Meet David Helpap

David Helpap is an Assistant Prof. of Public & Environmental Affairs at UW-Green Bay. His current research has been focused on the degree to which guidelines and best practices, particularly those developed by public management organizations, are utilized by local governments. Recently, this has included examining guidelines developed by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). Additional aspects of Prof. Helpap's research includes economic development policy, mayoral agenda setting and regionalism.

Prof. Helpap is here to help! If you have any questions about the Public Administration program, please contact us!

Meet more of our Public Administration professors.

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