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Phoenix Cares

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If You Need Support

Access emergency funds, food, housing and more, whether you're on campus or attending remotely.

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Report a Concern

When you voice problems you see on campus, we can grow as a college and create a better community.

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Resources for Student-Parents

Being a student and a parent means your plate can be very full. We're here to help.

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Supporting You Along the Way

By giving you the tools and resources to succeed.

We’re Phoenix—when something happens, we will rise. But it doesn’t have to be alone. Phoenix Cares is your place to find what you need to succeed. We may not be the experts in everything across the university, but we can connect you with them. Our services are tailored to any type of student, whether you’re learning online or in Green Bay, Manitowoc, Marinette or Sheboygan.

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Academic Support

From application to graduation, UW-Green Bay supports your success.

Student Services

Answer any question you have about UW-Green Bay. Searching for classes? Need help funding college? Want to check grades? Student Services is your answer.

Find What You Need

Academic Advising

Semester by semester, professional advisors guide you through your degree, whether your major is undecided or you're about to graduate.

We'll Be Your Guide

Class Drop & Withdrawal

Dropping a class isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you might run into academic or financial problems if you miss a deadline or change credit load. We'll help you figure it out.

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You Deserve help

Every concern matters, no matter how small—we're here for you.

"What I'm dealing with isn't that bad." We understand how you feel, but even small problems can grow over time. By getting help early, you can prevent bigger issues. It might feel overwhelming, but just one email to us can make a big difference.

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Fostering Success

This program is built for students who have previously been in foster care, experienced homelessness, were orphaned or were once wards of the court. You might not have a family, or your family dynamic looks a little different—no matter what, the Fostering Success Program can be your way to have extra support on campus, including monthly dinners, a welcome basket with college essentials and peer mentoring.

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"Over the course of the last three semesters at UW-Green Bay, I received great support... everyone that I talked to was very friendly and gave me a place to go have a conversation when I needed it. This was one of the only times I could talk to someone I consider a friend in-person, as I did not have many people to talk to in my dorms or classes. I was also not limited to any certain talking points or required to answer questions, I was able to speak freely and bring up concerns on my own."

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Mark Olkowski

Connect With Phoenix Cares

As the name implies, we care about you. If you have questions or concerns, or just want to talk, please get in touch with anyone on our team, like Mark Olkowski, Associate Dean of Students.

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