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Veteran's Services

Veteran's Benefits at UW-Green Bay

Veterans and certain eligible dependents may be entitled to educational benefits under various programs administered by the Veterans Administration. Veterans and eligible dependents may obtain these benefits while pursuing a course of study at UW-Green Bay. Students enrolled under these programs must carry 12 hours of credit during each semester of the academic year to be eligible for full-time allotments. Summer session allotments are determined by class dates or length of class and number of credits.

Military Friendly School

We are happy to report UW-Green Bay has been certified a UW VETS Campus.

A UW VETS institution assesses and addresses the unique needs of enrolled veteran and military affiliated students.

Outside of campus, UW VETS institutions are encouraged to connect students with community resources that can assist them and stay engaged with students to improve the capacity of the institution and the community to care for and support veterans and their families.

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