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HR Policies

Mission Statement 

(Preamble from the Bylaws)

University staff members of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay share a professional commitment to excellence through their support of students, academic staff, faculty, administration, and the community as they perform their duties in their respective areas of expertise. It is our mission to promote the professional development and individual career support of University Staff through education, training, mentoring, networking, and communication. We strive to maintain a cohesive partnership with colleagues from all campus employee groups in support of the University’s mission. In recognition of our commitment and mission, and in order to encourage the participation of University Staff members in the activities of the University, we hereby subscribe to the following governance structure contained within the bylaws.

In honor of UWGB’s alter ego Eco U., the University Staff Committee will be collecting ink cartridges and toner packs for eco-friendly disposal. Feel free to bring used cartridges from home too!

Cartridge Recycle Drop Sites

Cartridge Recycle
  • Cofrin Library - 2nd Floor Foyer
  • Cofrin Library - 3rd Floor Foyer
  • Cofrin Library - 7th Floor Foyer
  • Facilities Management - Facilities 102
  • Kress Events Center - 1st Floor (Outside of Elevator)
  • Lab Sciences - 4th Floor (LS455)
  • Mary Ann Cofrin Hall - 3rd Floor (C310 & B300)
  • Rose Hall - 3rd Floor (RH310)
  • Student Services - 1st Floor (Outside of SS2000)
  • Theater Hall - 3rd Floor (TH331 & 335)
  • University Union - 2nd Floor (Outside of Elevator)
  • Wood Hall - 4th Floor (WH460)

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