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Women’s and Gender Studies examines the world through the lens of gender. Women’s and Gender Studies crosses cultures, regions, periods, academic disciplines and theories in order to study the social roles and sexual identities in the contexts of race, class and ethnicity, as well as why and how gender has influenced who we are and what we do.

UW-Green Bay is pleased to offer Women’s and Gender Studies as a minor to prepare students to better understand individuals and the social structures that impact the lives of individuals.


What Will I Learn?
The minor prepares students to better understand individuals, particularly but not only women, and the social structures that impact the lives of individuals.

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Career Focused
Graduates with women's studies minors are working in a variety of fields, including business, child and family services, education, journalism, medicine, ministry, politics and social service administration.

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Women's and Gender Studies has scholarships that are available for students in the minor. Scholarships are a great way to make school more affordable.

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Internships Available
Internships are a great way to explore job interests and goals! Many students combine the focus of their chosen major and their Women's and Gender Studies minor in an internship.

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How Do I Get Started?

Meet our Women’s and Gender Studies faculty members

Meet Christine Smith

“I found a home when I found Women’s and Gender Studies. Not only does it address the issues I’m passionate about, but in Women’s and Gender Studies I found people who shared my commitment to equality and improving the lives of women.”

-Christine Smith, Associate Professor and Chair, Women’s and Gender Studies

Meet all of the Women’s and Gender Studies faculty members.


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