K-12 Relations


Welcome to the UW-Green Bay K-12 Relations Program. Our focus is on opportunities for high school students to earn college credit, providing programs for K-12 teachers to further their higher education and professional development, as well as programming that connects UW-Green Bay to our K-12 partners. We invite you to explore these programs to determine how they can help you reach your educational goals. 

The  K-12 Relations program supports the UW-Green Bay Divison of Continuing Education and Community Engagement's mission to enrich the quality of life for students and the community by embracing the educational value of diversity, promoting environmental sustainability, encouraging engaged citzenship and serving as an intelletual, cultural, and economic resource. 

Our courses and programming aim to uphold the idea of 'the educated person' : someone guided by a love of learning, a commitment to inquiry, and who is an active citizen providing service to the community. We invite you to browse our offerings and see how K-12 Relations can help you with your education and professional development goals.