College Credit in High School (CCIHS)

Earn college credits through UW-Green Bay while still in high school and get a head start on your college education!



Complete the online application! This step indicates your interest to take your course for college credit at your high school. You can check here for courses offered at your high school. Please make sure to check with the instructor that you meet course requirements.
NOTE: An application needs to be completed for each school year you have an opportunity to take a CCIHS course.


A UW-Green Bay representative will visit your classroom and have you complete a registration form. This is your enrollment into the course and your commitment to earning college credit and paying tuition. A registration form is required for each course your taking for credit. Participating schools and classes are listed for your convenience.


TRANSFER CREDITS (Order My Transcript)

After you graduate high school, you will need to send your official transcript to the college you'll be attending to transfer your credits. UW-Green Bay college credits transfer to all UW schools and to most private and out of state schools. You should contact the college you’re interested in attending to learn how your credits will transfer.
Note: You can earn retroactive credits if you're taking a world language course. 



This course is offered at a reduced tuition!  Tuition for course(s) taken at your high school will be paid to your high school as instructed by the school or your teacher.


Contacts If you have questions about UW-Green Bay's College Credit in High School (CCIHS), please contact:
Sam Post HeadshotCrystal Williams
Dual Enrollment Services Specialist, College Credit in High School (CCIHS)
Phone: 920-465-2480

Patrick NeuenfeldtPatrick Neuenfeldt
Executive Manager, Dual Enrollment Services
Phone: 920-465-2276