UW-Green Bay College Credit in High School

Earn College Credit through UW-Green Bay While You're Still in High School! 

It's not too early to begin thinking about your high school coursework and where it might lead you in the future!

The College Credit in High School program is a dual credit program where students earn both high school and college credit for a class. UW-Green Bay offers college credit courses within high schools and provides opportunities for academically qualified high school students to engage in college-level learning experiences. Courses are taught by qualified and approved high school faculty, students pursue rigorous advanced subjects and earn college credit upon successful completion.

The College Credit in High School program demonstrates UW-Green Bay's commitment to maintaining access and affordability in higher education and advancing the Wisconsin Idea through collaborative efforts with K-12 schools.


  • Get a head start on college
  • Save money on tuition
  • Accelerate the completion of a college degree
  • Experience college rigor while in high school and develop skills for college success
  • Explore new areas of interest
  • After successfully completing CCIHS courses and graduating from high school, you may be able to register for courses earlier than your peers due to your earned credits. This could help you get the courses you need when you need them. These earned credits may also allow you to have more academic flexibility to study abroad, pursue additional academic subjects, or graduate early.

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As a college credit in high school student, you will have a UWGB account. Access your account to view your course information, use campus resources and view your transcript. Your account will remain active for one year after the end of the last semester you took a course.
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Transfer My Credits

Start looking at how the UW-Green Bay college credits you earn in high school will transfer. Most credits earned through the UW-Green Bay College Cerdit in High School (CCIHS) program have a high degree of transferability to other colleges, universities and technical schools.
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Upon completion of your college credit in high school course, and once your grades are posted in your account, you will need to request to have an official transcript sent to the college/university you'll be attending, if other than UW-Green Bay. Review the instructions on how to complete this step.
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Participating Schools

All CCIHS courses are taught by qualified and approved high school faculty.

Courses Offered

Students pursue rigorous advanced subjects and earn college credit upon successful completion.

Faculty Liaisons

UW-Green Bay faculty collaborate with CCIHS instructors to align curriculum standards with UW-Green Bay standards.


Students share their thoughts after earning college credits in high school.

To inquire

Contact the College Credit in High School (CCIHS) Department
(920) 465-2480