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Making Yourself More Marketable with an Economics Minor 

College students today face an increasingly challenging job market.  Most students upon graduating will be seeking employment in the business or government sectors of our economy.  Recent research, however, clearly indicates that employers demand more than just a “college degree”.  Employers now demand that their new hires have problem-solving, critical thinking, and data analysis skills that can be quickly and productively applied to their new role within the organization.

Relatedly, employers increasingly demand that their new hires have a broad understanding of how individuals, businesses, and governments make decisions and interact in our market economy.  Indeed, even business schools today often require all of their students to take not only the two basic courses in economics but also courses such as intermediate macro and micro economic theory, and managerial economics. In short, in today’s highly competitive and highly technological global economy, it is essential for students to gain a good understanding of how markets function, including supply and demand analysis, pricing mechanisms, competition, and market failures.  This knowledge is essential in careers in business, finance, policy analysis, and regulatory affairs.

To sum up, a minor in economics will enhance the marketability of degrees in most majors ranging from business to environmental policy, public administration, psychology, and all the social sciences and humanities.


Minor Requirements

These are the course and credit requirements for a Minor in Computer Science. 

Minor Requirements

Is Economics Right for Me?

Economics students must be willing to apply skills to new situations, be practical thinkers, have enthusiasm and motivation, and be looking for a career with variety and new challenges each day.

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Guidance at Every Turn

The Economics faculty is highly involved in the students' education, both inside and outside of the classroom. Students get the personal attention they need. You'll always have a helping hand.

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What Will I Learn?

Student will gain knowledge of computers, statistical principles, basic economic principles & theory, and the ability to solve problems using theory.

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Endless Careers

You could be a Actuary, Auditor, Bank Officer, Bond Trader, Business Manager, Consultant, Cost Analyst, Credit Analyst, Demographer, Economist, Estate Planner, Financial Officer...

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Meet Tom Nesslein

“Economics is a challenging major, but the future benefits in terms of income and flexibility in the labor market greatly exceed the costs. A key indicator of this is that economics is the largest major at elite liberal arts institutions such as Amherst and Williams College, as well as many prestigious public universities such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Michigan.”
- Tom Nesslein, Assoc. Professor and Chair, Economics 

Tom is also here to help! If you have any questions about the Economics program please contact us!

Meet all our brilliant Economics professors.

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