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The German major at UW-Green Bay provides students with communication skills in both written and spoken German and with an understanding of and appreciation for German literature and culture. In addition to those attending graduate school in German, other graduates of the UW-Green Bay German program have found satisfying careers in international business, teaching, government service, translating and interpreting, and other fields in which their knowledge of German has proven useful and/or essential. German, as many humanities disciplines, may also be used as a pre-professional major, providing students with a sound liberal arts background for the pursuit of more advanced degrees in graduate school and professional training.

New Horizons

German studies contributes to and expands students' knowledge of other cultures, their understanding of history and their analytical and communication skills, and can also be of great professional value to students interested in a variety of fields such as international business, law, politics, journalism, education, linguistics, history, philosophy, music, art, science and theology. As is true for the study of any language, studying German also enhances one's understanding of his or her own native language in new and interesting ways.


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German News

Learn about German culture, UW-Green Bay students abroad in German-speaking countries and updates on German alumni.

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German Club

Join German students and community members at our weekly German conversation table, every Tuesday from 7-9 PM during the semester in the University Union Wequiock Room (UU101A) and participate in a variety of German Club events. All welcome!

Students in Germany


The German program at UW-Green Bay offers internships to selected qualified students in the program. These internships provide students an opportunity to test their abilities while exploring prospective career options in German in the teaching or business fields.

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Study Abroad

The UW-Green Bay German Program offers a number of ways for students, and people in the community to study abroad in Germany, or attend a travel course. Students in the UW-Green Bay German Program and other academic programs have the opportunity of studying abroad at a broad selection of universities in the state of Hessen. 

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There are a number of scholarships available to students including the Coryl Crandall Memorial Scholarship and Thomas E. Daniels Memorial Scholarship. There are Modern Language Awards for Academic Excellence & Modern Applied Language which acknowledge the achievement of students  at the Modern Languages Awards Ceremony.

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UW-Green Bay has excellent teachers, internships, research opportunities, and a great record of placing students into jobs and graduate programs. Learn More

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Jennifer Ham

Meet Professor Jennifer Ham

Professor Jennifer Ham offers a wide array of courses on German language, literature and culture. Having earned her B.A. from Moravian College, Ham then obtained a M.A. and Ph.D. from Rutgers University. She has presented and published in the area of turn-of-the-century German studies on topics such as German theater and urban entertainment, the cultural history of animals, Frank Wedekind, Nietzsche and femininity and German cabaret.

She is coeditor of Animal Acts: Configuring the Human in Western History, author of Elastizität: The Poetics of Space, Movement and Character in Frank Wedekind’s Theater and is currently working on a projected anthology, Schooling Desire: Modern Pedagogies and Nation-Building in Germany 1871-1949, which explores literary and film depictions of schooling in Germany, educational philosophy and the practices of character- and nation-building. She has led numerous travel courses to Marburg and Konstanz, Germany and is a former recipient of the UW-Green Bay Founder’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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