Together we will inspire students and transform communities.

This is not only the College of Health, Education, and Social Welfare's vision but it is also the culture we emulate within our college. Students receive an education that is life transforming in terms of preparing them for their chosen profession. They develop a broader worldview and gain new strengths as well as the skills to fully contribute to the greater good of communities. Through field experience students are offered the opportunity to connect with our communities. As graduates, they have developed into well prepared social workers, nurses, teachers and health information specialists. As professionals, students obtain the position of a respected community leader that is so valued and in demand within and outside our community.

When health, education, and social welfare are out of balance, the emotional and economic impacts on society and business, cannot be denied. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay's College of Health, Education, and Social Welfare is aligned with the region's greatest needs and empowers learners to be the health care providers, educators and advocates of tomorrow.

Inspiring Transformation Through Interaction​

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