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Math is All around us

Develop critical thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning, and find truth.  

Mathematics is the universal language that permeates every aspect of our lives, from the intricate patterns of nature to the algorithms driving our digital world. It's more than solving equations. Whether you're analyzing data to make informed decisions, designing efficient systems or unraveling complex puzzles, the skills you'll develop are indispensable. By mastering mathematical concepts, you're not only gaining a deeper understanding of the world but also unlocking doors to diverse career paths.

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The career outlook for math and stats is strong. Data literacy skills are in high demand in today's workforce. 

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High Salary

$65,000 is the average starting salary of math majors in the U.S. (Source: Labor Market for Recent College Graduates)

Education Costs

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Lead with Logic

Why you should major in math or stats.

With a degree in mathematics or statistics, you'll develop sharp analytical and logical thinking skills that will empower you to lead confidently in any field. From solving complex problems to inventing new solutions, math equips you with the tools you need to thrive in today's fast-paced world. So, embrace the challenge and open doors to endless opportunities with the power of math by your side.

More about Math & Stats

A Formula for Success

There are a lot of variables in the equation of college success. Whether you're solving for x or exploring the nuances of statistical analysis, with the right support, expert instructors and extracurricular involvement, you'll find the solution that leads to your goals.

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Academic Support

Afraid of struggling in math? It's only natural. Math and stats is a challenging discipline, but fear not. Help is available. The Learning Center provides free tutoring for your math and stats courses as well as academic success coaching resources.

The Learning Center

Algebra class at the UWGB Sheboygan campus

Expert Instructors

A big part of your success in mathematics and statistics depends on the expertise and dedication of your instructors. Our faculty members are not only experts in their fields but also passionate educators committed to helping you excel.

Math & Stats Faculty

Math & Stat Club at spring 2024 UWGB OrgSmorg event

Math & Stat Club

You don't need to be a math major to join the UW-Green Bay Math and Stat Club! It's a place for individuals with an interest in math to connect. Share your own experiences, what motivates your mathematical journey, and discover things you may have never considered.

Math & Stat Club

Strong Basic Math

A strong foundation in math fundamentals helps ensure student success. Some students may benefit from taking preparatory math before diving into core math classes. Courses, like MATH 094 and MATH 099, are available to develop those basic math skills.

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Richard Kendrick ’08 Mathematics Instructor, MATC

Mentoring with

“I felt I could go to [faculty] for support in learning how to be a college student, while gaining insight into who I would become after I graduated. I ended up graduating in 2008 as a Mathematics major (Environmental Science minor) with roughly 174 credits; well-rounded to say the least. I enjoyed learning about so many subject areas: computer science, nuclear engineering, materials engineering and mathematics, to name a few.”

Richard Kendrick ’08
Mathematics Instructor,

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UWGB Mathematics Professor and Chair Woo Jeon

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If you've got questions about mathematics or statistics classes, we're here to help. Solving problems is kind of our thing.

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