We are a network of teachers and students from high schools in Northeast Wisconsin collaborating with university scientists on a long-term watershed monitoring program.  Our students and teachers monitor seven environmentally impaired streams in the Fox River watershed for water quality and ecological health.  

Our data provides a measurement of pollution that flows to the Fox River and Bay of Green Bay.  This runoff pollution is the type of pollution that contributes to the much publicized “dead zone” in the bay of Green Bay.  So beyond the innovative educational benefits our program provides for our students, we also provide the community with crucial data about our water quality that can be used to assess long-term trends and evaluate restoration efforts.

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Save the Date!

Our annual symposium will be held on March 19th, 2020 from 8:30-2:30 in the Phoenix Rooms of the UWGB Union. Join our teams of high school students as they learn from watershed experts, UWGB faculty, and present their own research.
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