Parking Regulations

General Parking Information

The State of Wisconsin provides no state tax money to the campus to construct or maintain parking lots and by law ( Wis. Stats. 36.11(8) ) a parking fee must be levied to generate operating and construction funds for parking lots. In additional to all roadways on campus, UW-Green Bay currently maintains and offers for use over 4,492 parking stalls.

UW-Green Bay has Virtual Parking Permit system in which no physical permit is displayed. Through the use of Automated License Plates Reader(ALPR), we identify if a vehicle has a virtual permit assigned or has paid for a parking session. Both virtual permits and paid parking are validated using the vehicles license plate number. This innovated system allows for user to have more control over their parking, and makes parking enforcement much simpler. (More Details below) 

Regulations by Parking Lot:

Virtual Parking Permit System:

Virtual permit holders users MUST provide their correct license plate information either in their SIS account, faculty/staff portal, or to the Bursar before they use parking services. As a convenience, the parking permit cost is built into student fees and is automatically charged to in-person students at the start of each semester. 

Student who do not use parking services may "opt-out" of this fee at the start of the semester.  Faculty, Staff, and all others who are on campus may purchase permits through the bursars office at any time. Only Full time Faculty and Staff have the option to enroll in payroll deduction in the fall of every year, which deducts this fee from your payroll through out the year.
  1. Your permit or pay-by-app parking associates to your vehicle license plate number and is how parking rights are validated.
  2. Permits can associate to multiple vehicles/license plates, but only one of those vehicles may be present using parking services at the same time. 
  3. License Plate Recognition cameras are used for parking enforcement, therefore;
    1. Permit and pay-by-app rights holders are solely responsible for the accuracy of vehicle plate information within the system.
    2. Plates must be mounted in compliance with Wis. Stats §341.15. Any vehicle registration plates not attached to the "front" or "rear" of the vehicle (i.e. displayed on the dash), fictitious/decorative/vanity plates, or plates that are damaged, sun faded, worn, or illegible due to debris are not acceptable and must be corrected. 
    3. Vehicles with one plate, regardless of State of issuance, are not exempt and must be parked with the plate facing the travel portion of the parking lot.

Standard Campus Wide Regulations:

  1. Physical signage is deployed as necessary throughout UW-Green Bay.
  2. Any vehicle, after using parking services on campus more than 5 unique calendar days in a semester, must have a permit or pay for parking. 
  3. Vehicles must park within one parking stall in designated parking areas only.
  4. Vehicles are prohibited from parking on any area with grass, pathways(paved, improved, natural), sidewalks, fire zones, or parking lot end zone.
  5. Storing of vehicles or vehicles that are disabled for more than 72 hours is not permitted.
  6. Vehicles which present a hazard due to location, condition, or other factors as determined by University Police may be ordered removed and/or removed at owners expense.
  7. License plates displayed on any vehicle, including 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles, must be a valid officially issued plate(s) that is clearly visible to the travel portion of the parking lot and lawfully mounted.
  8. All overnight guests to Residence Life must park in the Studio Arts Parking Lot. This restriction is in place due to parking capacity issues in some of the smaller housing lots and to allow our student residents to park as close to their assigned apartments as possible. See Overnight Guests section for more details. 
  9. Pay-by-app paid parking is available through ParkMobile LLC's application. Use must be consistent with signage.  

Permits: Purchases and Refunds

  1. There are NO REFUNDS available for any pay-by-app parking purchase. 
  2. Permits are available year for purchase at the Bursar's office. The price and type availability will be determined at the time of purchase according to which is most cost effective to the purchaser. Common offering are semester and yearly. 
  3. A permit may be terminated by the permit holder and he/she may receive a partial refund at the Bursar's office, based on the refund schedule.

Restricted Parking Areas

  1. All specifically restricted areas or parking stalls (time restricted, handicap, end zones, etc) are enforced at all times.
  2. Motorcycle Only areas are enforced March 15 through November 15.
  3. Time restricted zones are available around campus for the purpose of loading and unloading. Any vehicle exceeding the posted time restriction excessively may be cited multiple times.
  4. Service vehicle stalls around campus are restricted to those vehicles that have been granted permission, and have obtained the appropriate permit rider in addition to a regular virtual parking permit.
  5. The Mauthe Center parking is restricted to Mauthe Center use only. A separate Mauthe Center permit is required and issued by the Mauthe Center. The Mauthe Center parking lot is patrolled and enforced upon request by University Police.
  6. Union Visitor Parking Lot & Kress Events Center Visitor Lot(South end of building)
    1. This lot is designed for visitors only, not permit holding students, faculty, staff, or LLI members. A permitted vehicle may park in the stalls specifically designated as disabled, expectant mother, or time restricted if compliant with the signage for that particular stall. 

  Overnight Academic Lot Parking

  1. Overnight parking in academic parking lots is prohibited without Parking Departments approval. 
  2. Service Vehicles granted permission to park with the Laboratory Sciences lot must park in the lot as far east as possible. Vehicles not within the 3 eastern most parking rows are subject to citation. 
  3. Permit holders who wish to leave their vehicle on campus during trips should utilize the Studio Arts parking lot.
    1. NOTE: All vehicles must have the ability to be moved upon request. If you are leaving your vehicle, you should ensure someone has the ability to move it on your behalf if necessary.