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Environmental Management and Business InstituteEMBI

The Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) was established in August 2008, and helps strengthen the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s leadership position in the promotion of environmental awareness and eco-friendly initiatives.

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Green Innovations 2013

Make your degree greener!

Business leaders are looking for employees that understand sustainable strategies and can introduce or extend environmentally friendly practices at their companies. Our certificate program provides you with an overview of environmental sustainability concepts and how to apply them in a business context.

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Certificate program

Earth Caretaker Award

This year's Earth Caretaker is Dave Kriebel, co-director of the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production. He specializes in the epidemiology of occupational injuries, cancer, and certain respiratory diseases; works to refine the use of quantitative exposure data in epidemiology; and to better advise decision-makers on health and environmental policy.

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