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Are you interested in the environment in which you live – locations, natural features, cultural influences and how they all come together? Then a minor in Geography may be right for you. This program blends the natural and social sciences in understanding how people relate to the world around them. If you have an interest in business, economics, history, political science, humanistic studies, women’s studies or earth science, Geography can help you better understand and connect all of these fields.


What Will I Learn?
Get experience in interpreting air photography and cartography. Collect and analyze data, and learn ways to express data from a mapping standpoint working with GIS, one of the industry's leading technologies.

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Travel Opportunities

Opportunity to intern in Tena, Ecuador, an Amazonian "boomtown" to assist with the sustainable housing, natural areas, and urban design issues as part of the Comprehensive plan.

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Is Geography For Me?
This field covers a broad spectrum of interests, from technology, to culture, to physics. Because of this diversity, many people can benefit from becoming a Geography minor.

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Scholarships Available Now
Scholarships are offered  to qualifying majors! These are just for UW-Green Bay students and can greatly reduce the cost of school making it affordable and achievable.

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UW-Green Bay's Laurel Phoenix

Meet Laurel Phoenix

“Remember - there is a big world out there with interesting people and places you’d like to know. But most of all - TRAVEL! It’s a growth experience at different levels. First, you will learn about yourself when challenged by a new environment, and second, your stereotypes about other peoples are seriously challenged. What you learn about the geography of another area and culture is an experience that will last a lifetime. You’ll be a better student because you return with broader perspectives.” - Laurel Phoenix, Chair of Geography, Associate Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs

Laurel is also here to help! If you have any questions about the Geography program please contact us!

Meet all our Geography professors.

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