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Past Lectures


Michael Tomasky, editor & correspondent with The Daily Beast and the Editor of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas
Sergio M. González, Ph.D, Department of History, University of Wisconsin-MadisonDan Kaufman, Journalist and Author
Jillian Jacklin, Lecturer in History
Elliott Gorn, Professor Loyola University Chicago

Carl Wilkens, former head of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency International in Rwanda

Stephen Duncan, Assistant Professor at Bronx Community College
Brad Gregory, Professor of Early Modern European History at the University of Notre Dame
Sarah Badcock, Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham


Ari Berman, Contributing writer of The Nation
 Richard Brookhiser, Senior editor National Review

John Nichols, National affairs correspondent for The Nation
Liza Donnelly Cartoonist and writer for The New Yorker
Ben Mankiewicz of Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and the Young Turks Network (TYT)


Richard Brookhiser, The National Review Magazine
Margaret Somers, Sociology and History, University of Michigan
John Fugelsang, host of Tell Me Everything
John Nichols, The Nation


Ian Ruskin, Playwright & Actor "Thomas Paine," California-based
William J. Reese, History & Education, UW-Madison
John Nichols, The Nation
Rachel Watson, African American Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago


Jonathan Holloway, History & African-American Studies, Yale University
Bob Weick, Actor "Karl Marx" Iron Age Theater, Philadelphia
Will Jones, History, UW-Madison
Sam Pizzigati, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC
Julia Irwin, History, University of South Florida


Richard Brookhiser, Writer, The National Review Magazine
Fred Donner, History, University of Chicago
Hank Thomas, Civil Rights Activist (1960s Freedom Rider)


Heather Ann Thompson, History, Temple University
Joseph McCartin, History, Georgetown University
Allida Black, History, Eleanor Roosevelt Papers, George Washington University


Ian Rose, Actor "Alexander Hamilton," National Constitution Center
Gary Anderson, Actor "Clarence Darrow," California-based
Adam Altman, Actor "Thomas Paine," Iron Age Theater, Philadelphia
John David Smith, History, UNC Charlotte
Sharon Shalev, Criminology, London School of Economics


John Summers, Visiting Scholar at the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life at Boston College.
John Holloway, Professor of History and African American Studies - and Master of Calhoun College - at Yale University.
Jeremi Suri, E. Gordon Fox Professor of History at the University Wisconsin - Madison.


Ted Widmer, Director of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University.
Rick Perlstein, Senior Fellow at the Campaign for America's Future.
Elizabeth Borgwardt, Associate Professor of History, Washington University in St. Louis.
Joseph J. Foy, Assistant Professor of Political Science, UWC-Waukesha. 
Judith P. Zinsser, Professor of History, Miami University of Ohio.


Merry Wiesner Hanks, Professor of History, UW-Milwaukee
Marc Gilbert, Chair, World History and Humanities, Hawaii Pacific University
Alfred W. McCoy, Professor of History, UW-Madison 
Roger Daniels, Professor Emeritus, University of Cincinnati.


Craig Coenen, Assistant Professor, Mercer County College.
Jillian Duquaine-Watson, Assistant Professor of Women Studies at the Texas Woman's University
Michael Novak, Jewett Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute
Michael Tomasky, Editor-at-Large, The American Prospect


Eric Alterman, columnist for The Nation
Eric Foner, DeWitt Clinton Professor of History, Columbia University
Kriste Lindenmeyer, Professor of History, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Jeremi Suri, Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Anthony Quiroz, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi


Seth Cotlar, Historian, Willamette University
Christine Compston,  Legal Historian, Boston
Ian Dowbiggen,  Historian, University of Prince Edward Island  
Cass Sunstein, Law, University of Chicago
Susan Smulyan Brown University
Thomas Guglielmo Historian, Notre Dame


Isaac Kramnick, Cornell University
Paul J. Griffiths, University of Illinois at Chicago
Mark Noll, Wheaton College in Illinois
Rickie Solinger, Independent Scholar and Author
Eileen Boris, UC-Santa Barbara
Joe Conason, National Political Columnist
Jeremi Suri, UW-Madison
James Green, University of Massachusetts-Boston


Todd Gitlin, Sociology, Columbia University
Craig Coenen, History, Lehigh University
Penny Colman, Independent Scholar and Young Adult Author, New York
Jonathan Holloway, History and African American Studies, Yale
Charles Mathewes, Religious Studies. University of Virginia
Gary Gerstle, History, University of Maryland


Robin Kelley, History, New York University
Linda Kerber, History, University of Iowa
Michael Kazin, History, Georgetown University
Elliot Gorn, History, Purdue University
Peter Rachleff, History, Macalester College
Thomas Frank, The Baffler


Fred Inglis, Education, University of Sheffield
Darlene Clark Hine, History, Michigan State
Allan Winker, History, Miami of Ohio
E.J. Dionne, Columnist, Washington Post
David Brooks, Senior Editor, Weekly Standard
Nelson Lichtenstein, History, University of Virginia


Frances Fox Piven, Politics & Sociology, CUNY
Ellen Schrecker, History, Yeshiva University
Jerry Lembcke, Sociology, Holy Cross
Michael Kazin, History, American University
Joshua Freeman, History, CUNY


David Thelen, History, Indiana University
Nell Painter, History/American Studies, Princeton University
Christopher Caldwell, Journalist, The Weekly Standard
Susan Meiselas, Photojournalist
Jane Schneider, Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center
Peter Scheider, Anthropology/Sociology,
Fordham University


Isaac Kramnick, Government, Cornell
Janet Zandy, Literature, Rochester Inst. of Technology
Edward Linenthal, Religion, UW-Oshkosh
Paul Buhle, American Civ., Brown
Eileen Boris, History, Howard
Robert McChesney, Communications, UW-Madison
Nelson Lichtenstein, History, Virginia
Susan Brewer, History, UW-Stevens Point
Donald Sassoon, History, London


David Montgomery, History, Yale
Thomas Bender, History, NYU
Louise Tilly, History, New School
John Gillis, History, Rutgers
Meta Mendel-Reyes, Political Science, Swarthmore
Mike Allewitz, Labor Muralist, Rutgers
Michael Tomasky, New York Magazine


Caroline Brettell, Anthropology, Southern Methodist
Eric Foner, History, Columbia
Eric Hobsbawm, History, London
Anthony Platt, Criminology, California State Sacramento


William Chambliss, Sociology, George Washington
Stephanie Coontz, History, Evergreen State
George Lipsitz, Ethnic Studies, UC-San Diego
Vitaly Timofeev, History, Karkov
Victor Kiernan, History, Edinburgh
James Barrett, History, Illinois
Alice Wexler, History, UCLA
Elliot Gorn American Studies, Miami of Ohio
David Myers State Historical Society, Wisconsin


Rickie Solinger, History, Colorado
John Fiske, Communications, UW-Madison
Toby Morantz, Anthropology, McGill
Mari Jo Buhle, American Civilization, Brown
Paul Buhle, American Civilization, Brown
Michael Herzfeld, Anthropology, Harvard
Russell Jacoby, History, UCLA


Ron Schultz, History, Wyoming
Sara Kenyon, Sociology, Colorado
Joe Kincheloe, History of Education, Penn State
Shirley Steinberg, Educator, Penn State
Ateret Cohn, Educator, Milwaukee
Al McCoy, History, UW-Madison
Stuart Ewen, Communications & Sociology, CUNY
Michael Parenti, Politics, Washington DC


Daniel Singer, European Editor, The Nation, Paris
David Lowenthal, Geography, London
Allen Hunter, Sociology, UW-Madison
Linda Gordon, History, UW-Madison
Carl Chinn, History, Birmingham
Natalie Zemon Davis, History, Princeton


Dorothy Thompson, History, Birmingham
E.P. Thompson, History, England
George Comninel, Sociology, York
Michael Bess, History, Vanderbilt


Michael Apple, Education, UW-Madison
Fred Inglis, Education, Warwick
Robin Blackburn, History and Editor
New Left Review, London
Victor Kiernan, History, Edinburgh


Christopher Hill, History, Oxford
Bridget Hill History, Open University-England
Geoff Eley History, Michigan
William Sewell, Jr., History, Chicago
William Cronon History, UW-Madison
George Rudé History, Concordia University, Montreal
Henry Giroux, Education, Penn State