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Undergraduate Research

In addition to completing required courses and laboratories for the major, third- and fourth-year Human Biology students are encouraged to do an undergraduate research project. The completion of such a research project is viewed quite favorably (and in fact, is often required) by graduate and professional school admissions committees.

If you wish to conduct an undergraduate research project, please do the following:

  1. Review the research interests of the Human Biology faculty to determine who has expertise in the area of human biology in which you would like to conduct your research project.
  2. Make an appointment with the faculty member(s) to discuss research options and determine whether he/she has the space and funding for an undergraduate research student during your semester(s) of interest.

The University has specific guidelines for a student to enroll in an Undergraduate Research course. In addition, the Human Biology program has additional guidelines that a student must meet. They are as follows:

Credit Requirement Guidelines

  • For one credit, a student
    • should complete a laboratory problem with a report.
  • For two credits, a student
    • should be involved with a substantial laboratory/field research problem and submit a written report.
  • For three or four credits
    • Similar requirements as for two credits, but more extensive lab research is involved.
  • A guideline for establishing the number of credits is the following: minimum of three hours per week of work for each hour of credit granted. In a 14 week semester, that would be a total of 42 hours of work for one credit.

Course Guidelines

  • The student should have regular meetings with the instructor.
  • The UW-Green Bay writing policy should be followed in preparation of the paper. Additional requirements as to style and format may be given by the instructor (e.g. the instructor may request that the paper be written in the format of a particular journal in the field). It is suggested that a draft be prepared for review by the instructor before the final typed copy is submitted.

Registration Requirements

  • A Proposal Form should be filled out and agreed upon by the student and the instructor. The form requests a description of the project, a timetable for the project, and the basis for evaluation. Students can obtain this form from the Registrar.
  • After the form is filled out, the instructor must approve the project by signing the form. This form must also be signed by the Human Biology Chair before the student can register for the course.
  • The student should register for HUM BIOL 495 or NUT SCI 495, depending upon the nature of the project

Those students who qualify are also encouraged to pursue Honors in the Major. This project should be planned during the junior year. The University has specific guidelines for an Honors in the Major. The criteria for an Honors in Human Biology are similar to that of a three or four credit Undergraduate Research with an additional requirement of a presentation at an undergraduate research symposium or a professional meeting.